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Hubby is not used to the foibles of couriers but is slowly learning now he is retired. Up till then I was the mug who stayed in all day watching rubbish TV to try and stay awake.

He is now waiting for excuses from courier who has failed to show twice. So that set me thinking; near the top was the little girl who called me at 4 pm as driver couldn't find my house ( days before sat nav). Goodness knows why she was on customer services as I had to spell out directions letter by letter. Then told they would come the next day instead. I promptly cancelled the order.

He has gone out. I think I might have a cold coming on but want to meet up with friend I haven't seen for a while. At least you lovely people on here know what an effort it is.

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we lived in a place with no numbers only names and the post code was for about 60 houses. No fun for couriers, OH has a great memory for things like that and as we worked from home was often called upon by couriers to ask for directions.

Hope you feel better soon and have a great met up with your friend but probably wise not to hug.


Thanks Betty

Met up with my friend, good, but went to my book club this afternoon ; mistake! but only once a month. Not feeling too great now, but can"t go and lie down as hubby has had to go,out again and the **********courier still hasn't turned up


Well you can put your feet up that should help. Gentle hugs. I have to decide whether to go to my book / theatre club tomorrow night again only once a month and I usually enjoy but whereas the bus takes me door to door on the way there I have to walk a bit to catch a bus home and it will be dark. OK if other people doing the same but not sure.


Thanks. Made myself a cup of tea and watched an old episode of Midsomer Murders.

Hope you enjoyed the book club. Fortunately mine is in the afternoon. Don't always like the book but good to try something different and get suggestions for others to try. Got three books on the go at the moment!


I can empathise as I have had my fair share of poor courier service recently.

Good luck with your delivery

Ken x


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