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Tumble dryer balls!' Read on if interested!


Morning all, been sometime since I have posted but I want to share a discovery with you!

For quite some time I was gradually getting more and more pain in my hands ( picking up money like 5 pence piece was a nightmare

Someone suggested that I buy some tennis balls and squeezed them , tried this but proper tennis balls do not squash either that or I am weaker than I thought

Then one day looking around on the web I saw a picture of a hand and it showed all the areas of the hand that corresponde with the body

( for example the spine ( backbone area is from your outer little finger down to the wrist)

Then for dome strange reason I thought that tumble dryer balls may be better than tennis balls because of all the little nodules

Three times a day for about 10 mins I roll one around between my hands and I must say the pain does feel less ( not gone completely as it is not a miracle cure)

But I can now puck up 5 pences after a month doing this religiously

I have started putting the balls under each foot now as I have a lot of foot pain , so I will let you know if that helps the feet pain

After I give it a couple more weeks!!

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P.s sorry about the couple of spelling typos!!

On the previous post I put a wrong bit of info, it is not the outer little finger to the wrist that is the spine , it is actually from the thumb to the wrist!!! Sorry must be fibro fog!!!

Sorry I gave you some wrong info, it is not the little finger to the wrist, it is infact the thumb to the wrist that corresponds to the backbone ( must be fibro fog)

That sounds great, anything that can reduce the pain - even if only for a while is always good to hear about.

I'll have to try this my hands and feet are agony. Thanks

worth a try keep us posted.thanks

That is quite interesting thank you for sharing I shall have to have a think about trying this as I am having some issues with my hands when picking things up.

Take care


Morning what an excellent tip so we all need tumble balls for hand exercise well easier to take about the the piano I use to keep my fingers moving. Though you dont need a piano you can practise the movements on a table or a book any thing really :)

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