Salicylates....worth researching!!!

Hi, I am currently researching an intolerance to Salicylate. This is found in so many foods, products we use daily. It's basically summed up by a lady whose written a book now after eliminating Salicylate from your diet etc, and then eventually you can reintroduce it again. The sad problem is it's not very publicised and virtually unknown about when u ask your GP's

Have a look I to it. It can hurt trying. My sister has referred me to it as both of my 2 sisters all have Fibro and live in immense pain. I've bought it on the Kindle today!!

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  • Interesting - will have a look at this.................x

  • Hi,

    My son was diagnosed with a severe reaction to salicylate ( aspirin) over 30 years ago. It caused painful joints, poor hand/eye co-ordination, etc. It hides in so many foods too. He is still affected but not so much. I think this is due to hissize ( he is nearly 6' 6")



  • Very interesting just had a read of a couple of websites, thank you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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