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Salicylates....worth researching!!!

Hi, I am currently researching an intolerance to Salicylate. This is found in so many foods, products we use daily. It's basically summed up by a lady whose written a book now after eliminating Salicylate from your diet etc, and then eventually you can reintroduce it again. The sad problem is it's not very publicised and virtually unknown about when u ask your GP's

Have a look I to it. It can hurt trying. My sister has referred me to it as both of my 2 sisters all have Fibro and live in immense pain. I've bought it on the Kindle today!!

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Interesting - will have a look at this.................x



My son was diagnosed with a severe reaction to salicylate ( aspirin) over 30 years ago. It caused painful joints, poor hand/eye co-ordination, etc. It hides in so many foods too. He is still affected but not so much. I think this is due to hissize ( he is nearly 6' 6")




Similar here


Very interesting just had a read of a couple of websites, thank you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



There is Salicylate intolerance running through our family.. symptoms in Clyde asthma extreme tiredness eczema nasalpolyps ha fever like symptoms sore throat and anxiety . My gran , mum , son and I all suffer. I also have very thin blood and my gums bleed badly if I eat foods containing salicylates. It's in many preserves fruits and veg especially red fruits, oranges, tea tomatoes peppers and most spices and curry sauces chillis. Worth looking at the salicylate list on line and switching to low salicylate healthy alternatives. I need to take an anti histhamine daily also.


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