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Hi guys, not been on for a while as we have been moving and I have been in hospital again. I applied for PIP last February and got my decision in November which was a decline by 2 points. They say I can wash and bathe with an aid or appliance and can dress the same way. I cannot do either of these things unless my partner is there. I asked for a reconsideration and got my decision today which had the same outcome. It says I can go to appeal and a tribunal which is more stress. Has anyone else had a successful tribunal for fibromyalgia and could give me some advice? On another note, my partner was getting ESA as he had a back operation 3 years ago, has deteriorated and is waiting to see neurosurgeon for possibly another one. It was a claim for both of us. I tried to notify them a week before (last week) that we were changing address and was told I couldn't do it until we had actually moved in the new property. He received a letter yesterday ( which we foolishly didn't open till today) which said they were stopping his ESA as we had failed to notify them of a change of address. The letter was dated the 14/01/2015 when we only moved in the property on 15/01/2015. How can they do that when I had tried to notify them?

This year has got off to a S**** start - hospital then this! Sorry about the rant.

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Hi there so sorry to hear of your upsets seems like your stress is enough to be dealing with. I would like to ask you one thing , do you have a good relationship with your doctor and is he aware that your fibro effects you on a daily basis. You see these people do refer to your doctors or support for their confirmation cause they are medical. Do you use a perching stool things like this would help to support you. Really hope you can evidence your claim. Also have you ask for an assessment from the social services They would assess whether or not you need aids hope this helps fibro friend. xx


Hi, I have not long changed doctors and yet again, they are more interested in my hypothyroidism rather than my fm. The only person who has actually acknowleged my fb was a pain consultant I was referred to because of my knee. He said they would look at my fm after my knee surgery.


Hi there,

I am exactly the same boat as you with regards to PIP, I was only 1 point short for personal care and the things they said I can do I can only do with my partner's help. I was awarded 4 pints for mobility despite the fact I have a blue badge and my mobility is even worse than my ability to look after myself without help. I finally have a date for a tribunal, which is next month, but I have no idea what the outcome will be. I would apply for a tribunal though as I think sometimes these claims are turned down so that we will be put off taking it to the next stage.

As for the ESA thing, I am sure these people often make up the rules as they go along. I would contact your local citizens advice bureau or benefit help place if you have one. Good luck, Linda.



I know how you feel about the bad start to 2015 as everything I seem to touch this year goes pear shaped. I don;t know what to say about going to tribunal as I don;t know what evidence you put forward to support your PIP claim but it would be interesting for you to go down that route a bit and find out what their report actually said and see if there is anything you can dispute. I know we were amazed when we decided to go to appeal against a decision about my husband's ESA as the nurse who had carried out his medical hadn;t even got his medication correct even though he had handed over his green repeat prescription form for her to use and as you can imagine this and some other facts didn;t go down very well with the tribunal judges. They felt she had insufficient evidence to make a conclusion and asked for all my husband's medical notes from the start of his illness. It took some time but when we were asked to go back again they changed is 0 points to 18.

As far as the change of address is concerned I would definately appeal against that decision especially as you had tried to notify them, some of the telephone calls are recorded and you just might be lucky.

Hope things start to go better for you very soon. In the meatime sending soft hugs.x


Hi nicnoc

I am so very sorry to read of what a horrid start you are having to the year. I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues and ascertain your PIP. If you are going to a tribunal you will need plenty of evidence that you can present in your favour? If you have a good GP it would be worth discussing the issue with them first?

I would certainly appeal about your partners ESA and notification of change of address, as there may be a time scale to notify them and his benefit was cut off very quickly?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with all of this, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi, very sorry to hear about all these problems. Although it's hard not to see it is personal the govt decided they were going to cut DLA claims by one fifth before PIP was rolled out. I followed the Welfare Reform Bill through parliament so any excuse they can find they will. As someone said above, they are banking on people not appealing and if people don't appeal they have won. If you can get someone to represent you at appeal even better. Try contacting Fightback (they can be found on Facebook). I think there is a charge for the help and time they put in but if you win then it will more than pay for itself. There is also the free site ilegal.

Re the stopping your ESA, get your MP onto it, no matter what their politics, they are there to serve you. That usually gets results.

Best wishes.

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poor you Understand as my doc says works and pension not sympathic to fibro. I have other conditions so I rely on them when filling out form good luck



A lot of people aren't sympathetic to fibro and imo it's for one reason only, they haven't flipping well got it, well I'd consider myself to be very strong willed..

I'm an ex care kid who wasn't raised in a loving home, I've buried a child, had 2 divorces, and coping with raising my 4 daughters with no help, yet this illness often has me in tears, even my sister has said previously how I just need to focus and push myself harder, she gets it now after taking me shopping and she had to pick me off the floor..

This illness would bring anyone down, and I've realised that you can have not just bad days, but bad years....

I've heard it said how so many people are suddenly having fibro, what they are too silly to realise is that people were suffering with it instead of being diagnosed, they are sitting at home sobbing cos they think they aren't trying hard enough, I know I certainly was....

I believe most disabilities and those that suffer from them are being criticised currently, and one look at the current Gvmt tells us why, disabilities & illness used to be given consideration, even by the DWP..we all know why though, I'm sure I don't need to state the obvious....

Rest and do a few tasks each day


I know how u feel. I wasnt brough up in care but left home at 16 and also buried a child 19 years ago. Its still as hard now as it was then. I have learnt that one days shopping requires two days rest.


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