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Hi i am new here..i have endometriosis and now think i also have fibro :(.......please read and offer some advice x

Hi there,

I have had endo symptoms for about 20 years and about 3 months ago found out it was discovered in another operation 3 years ago.....but everyone forgot to tell me!! Now i have been to the GP as i think i also have fibro :( If i explain my symptoms would someone tell me what you think? and educate me on the best treatment etc?

My main problem is pain, pain in my back, feels like someone has stamped on my spine and broken a few bones that feel crunchy inside, pain in my thighs and knees. Extreme tiredness...i cant even blow dry my hair anymore as my arms and shoulders ache to much. My shoulder muscles and my arms feel so broken like i have been power lifting like there is just no use left in them...the worst at the moment is my hands and wrists :( they look a little swollen but feel like sausages about to split!! the are so so sore and stiff. It feels like i am wearing boxing gloves even my wrists feel swollen and sore.

I am going to the gps on friday for a blood test to rule out anything else......the doctors seem to think this well could be fibro.........what do you guys think? What should i be pushing for? ...a referral to anyone? who would you see? should i take any medication? btw i currently take the following for endometriosis.....naproxen, cocodomol, tramodol, amytriptaline, oramorpgh......and am on the waiting list for a hysterectomy, excision of endo and pelvic floor repair :( ..........please any guideance would be appreciated xxxx

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Hello upoupo. In answer to your question. Yes your symptoms could be fibro but they could also be a lot of other things.

To really be sure you will need a lot of other tests, so ask your doctor to refer you to a Rhumatologist. though i was referred to a Neurologist who diagnosed mine.

You are already taking tablets that will help though there are other drugs ,of which i personally have no experience of.

Here is the link to our mother site you may find that the information on there answers some of your questions.

Hugs sue


Thank you Sue......about 2 years ago i was sent to a rhumatologist as they thought i had arthritis that drew a negative and i was sent away with pain relief! I am hoping that after the blood tests i will be able to be sent somewhere so i can just be told what is the matter with just feels like my lust for life has drained from me the past few years and has been replaced with pain pain pain!! i am only 34 married with 4 children i really need to understand what is happening to me so i can gain some kind of control and have back up plans instead of just feeling this.

I hope you have a good pain free day xxx


Good morning upo - You must have such a busy life & so much pain and discomfort to contend with too. I eventually had my womb & ovaries removed at 36. For me it worked.

It looks like you're on the right track for a diagnosis - I kept being sent for RA tests but everything was always negative which went on for decades. All the best & interested to hear your results.


Hi upoupo

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative loads of fun! I have pasted you a link below that you may find interesting. It is from the WebMD cache on Fibro and looks at tender / trigger points for Fibro, it may give you some ideas of what and / or how to approach the issue with your GP?

WebMD - Tender / Trigger Point Testing

I want to wish you all the best of luck with your GP appointment, and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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