Does anybody know if you can claim PIP successfully when having Fibromyalgia. I am in constant pain intake liquid morphine, fentanyl (morphine patches), Gabapentin and diclophenic for the pain. I also suffer with Bipolar, thyroid and IBS and take medication for these.

I applied in March and I'm still waiting to hear about. PIP I'm in constant agony and all but house bound or I spend my days in bed.

Was wondering if anybody can give me advisea

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  • Hi Kirsty

    I do now it s a long waiting game for pip. i waited 9 months before my accesment then 4 weeks for the outcome but i did get it and it was back dated just give them a ring and ask were your up to thats what i done and two weeks later got my appointment . i had to travel 40 miles which was hard but it faired in my favour I have heared some of are friends on here have been given appointtments over the phone on the day they rang .take with you a copy of all appointments past and future ,also if you havent sent them Hope you here soon. xx

  • When you say past and future what do you mean of drs hospitals or appointments they have made? Would I need to take my meds even though I've told them to prove this?

  • Hi


    I mean if their is any medical everdence letters or new appointmet letters you havent allready sent to them as it was too late. Take them with you as some off mine they didnt receive in time to be added to my file so take extra copes with you so you can add them , Yes take your medication in the box's as they will Have to make sure the meds aar yours as they asked me if i had them . which i did. Good luck xxx

  • Ring the PIP people again hun cos that's long over due. I'm so sorry to hear your in so much pain gentle huggies hunni xoxox

  • Hello Ross . Long time no see, i have been wondering how you are.

    Lots of hugs sue xx

  • Thank you ever so much I feel like a hypercondriact some days and people think I'm putting this pain on, I feel like an old lady of 81 rather than 41 I'm all but housebound the majority of the time with this damn awful illness

  • I, too, am 41 and housebound with this illness and RA, SJOGRENS, and now possibly lupus. It's not easy and I feel older than my 91 year old grandmother most days.

  • I am in th US, but it is a long wait for disability benefits here. I finally get mine in January and it's been almost 3 long yrs. here fibromyalgia almost guarantees you will be approved especially if you have it concurrent with other conditions as I do. From what my attorney has told me, the U.S. has been slow at accepting it as a medical condition behind most Eurpopean countries. Good luck.

  • Do you follow a US site similar to this one? May be more helpful as I am just starting out....

  • Living with fibro and DailyStrength are two good support groups here in the US. Funny as I feel I have gotten better feedback and support here. Hope u all feel better and have a "good day".

  • Thanks for the info, and hope you feel good too. This seems like a great support group that I plan on being a part of. I just need US info on benefits as well is all. :)

  • I applied for social security disability twice and was denied due to my age. They automatically deny those under a certain age to,weed out the people who are just trying to get it and are not truly disabled. Which makes it harder and longer for those of us that do. The third time I applied a got an attorney. You don't pay them anything unless you when and social security only lets them take a certain amount. I finally have my hearing in January and people with attorneys generally win their cases. They award back pay to the time u first applied. I would recommend getting an attorney who will help you from the very beginning. The Law Firm of Eric Shore is mine and have helped me so much. They do it all from start to finish. They have a toll free # to get you started. Please at least call and talk to them. You will be glad u did because it's so hard and usually unsuccessful without help. # 1-800-CANT-WORK. They specialize in these cases and I have found that it is really part of my overall network of support. They are very kind and understanding and u can tell them anything. They work hard for u because they don't get paid unless you win your benefit claim. Please let me know if this was helpful. Are u from the US or moved here? Hope u are feeling well today.

  • One more thing...I think, but may be wrong, that this firm primarily serves the northeastern US but I'm certain they can refer you to a good firm if u leave elsewhere. Don't wait to get started. I wish I had started my claim sooner but I kept putting it off because it seemed so overwhelming and I kept doubting whether or not it was a waste of time. Well, it wasn't , and having them do all of the work was such a relief. We are stressed enough without having to plead with government for help. I hope you can contact someone soon, as just knowing the process is underway was a huge burden lifted. I will keep you in my thoughts and if you would ever like to talk or just vent my email address is hatchkelly832@gmail.com.

  • Thank you SO MUCH. This is very helpful. I have been putting it off as I'm just so afraid of living in poverty until it gets approved. I think I have enough diagnoses to get approved but one of my drs actually brought disability up to me and said that I was too educated so I would be denied. Its like OK I went to college bc I didn't plan for my body to fall apart- but it is! I have fibro, anxiety, depression, IBS, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease and bulging discs in my neck causing arthritis, and just got diagnosed with sciatica and prob osteoarthritis in both knees (MRI is scheduled for 12-3). This week bc of my issues with my knees and sciatica, I've been unable to walk but the fatigue and fog has gotten me and I have slept most of this week away. I'm sorry to ramble... Its just so nice to find people who get it!

    Anyway, do you think I have a chance? Do you think its time to start the process? And do you know about college grads being turned down due to education level? I do appreciate your time and advice!!

  • Wow. I'm so sorry u have so much going on. I would start the process immediately with an attorney. They may deny you but the attorney will appeal immediately and that is where u will win your case. I would go to your local social service office and apply for temporary assistance (welfare). If u work at all during this time it may hurt your case so use all the programs you can in your county! My attorney recommended I do all of this. I think u have more than a good case. I was denied for having an education as well, but we appealed and my attorney assures me my list of dx gives me an airtight case. I wouldn't wait any longer. The sooner u start, the less time u will have to deal with the stress of financial insecurity.

  • And don't beat yourself up about getting the rest u need. I have been in bed watching Netflix for 10 days with horrible pain, fatigue, and weakness. It's hard because I fear people who don't get it think I'm lazy, but if they had to live like this, they'd be in bed too. I get short bursts of energy every few days that allow me to clean my house and myself. If I didn't have a house and 4 cats to take care of, I may never leave the bed. The severe cold here has made all my conditions flare so I know all about spending a lot of time in bed. Have you been tested for auto immune diseases? Usually all of these problems together and in someone fairly young indicate one or more auto immune issue. I have RA, Sjogrens, possibly lupus, and fibro. I have already has a full hip replaced 3 yrs ago at age 38. Some days my 91 yr old grandmother makes me feel old as she has better health than I do at 41.

  • My go feels sure that I have an autoimmune disease but have not been tested for the right one yet. My ANA is usually positive but occasionally negative. I have tested positive for sjogrens but strangely enough the rheumatologist stated it probably was a false positive and the only way to be sure was to do a mouth biopsy. So we retested and it came back negative?? I've not been impressed with the rheumatologist and am trying to get in somewhere else. Maybe they will test for the right autoimmune diseases and this will all make more sense....in the meantime I want to try to get what I have earned from my state job too and it is back to reality on Monday. And trust me, I can relate as far as feeling old as I was just last month left in the dust by my grandmother while on vaca and walking the streets of Philadelphia. Was given a very hard time by all but I was furious and disgusted by the whole situation! I am a different person than I was not too long ago. And losing that control is so frustrating! And you do worry about how others perceive you... We are not choosing this lifestyle, this pain, these contingencies, you know? P.S. thank God for Netflix, right? :) sorry again for venting...

  • And yes, I'd have lost my mind completely if it wasn't for Netflix! Lol

  • good evening, iv only just joined the site but was automatically drawn to your chat as it is practically the same as me, i to have fibro, depression, arthritis, iv also had both knees replaced, the right knee when i was 41 and the left 4 years later, in fact the osteoarthritis is in most of my joints,

    today i was also diagnosed with asthma but out of all my illnesses its the feeling of total exhaution and im still only 49. U should get PIP, i get DLA but am in the process of it being changed over to PIP, hope this helps but what ever you do you should defo apply for it and the blue badge for easier parking.


  • Thank you Cheryl! I'm so sorry to hear if your similar pains and misfortunes but am encouraged to hear that you were approved. This site has been most encouraging as it uplifts when you don't have your own get up and go! Thanks!

  • Thank you so much having a bad day today like an old lady but tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I will feel better. You really sound like you have been through the wars and I hope you have more good days to come big hugs

  • Oh wow bless you heart. You really are suffering sending you massive cotton wool wrapped hugs x

  • I appreciate the kind words and it sounds like you too are having a time of it. I am sorry that you are suffering honey, and I can tell you one thing, you're not alone. It has been raining all day and I want to jump out if myself. I do find relief with the tens machine that I have so I was very pleased that you were able to find one as well from eBay. If yours didn't come with it, they do also sell online the adhesive pads for the leads- I have lower back strips and then the regular square patches. But the lower back strips are nice to have bc of the coverage. Also I like to do as the chiropractor, and use along with the heat. I do hope it helps. And I do hope you start feeling better right away!! --Jill

  • I can only have sympathy with you , some days , and I know you will experience it , the pain or sometimes the will is so bad , that you cannot even get out of bed due to the pain , my medication is oramorph and zomorph for the pain , I use approx. 500ml every two weeks , and have been told to cut down , and increase the zomorph , I believe our medication is guess work , its frightening , I saw the nurse two week ago , and she said how are you , I said the way I feel at the moment I wont make Christmas ,I bet this how the majority of us feel , its not a life , its a guinea pig for medication , I do hope you get better , I never thought I would be saying the things on this site at 56 years of age .

  • I have had a week of not being able to get up except for necessity. It is hard to deal with physically, and the emotional aspect is one I struggle with on a daily basis as it is very hard for anyone else to understand unless they have gone through it. I have been told before, "well you don't look sick", which only makes me feel worse. Almost as if I cannot possibly be unwell, unless I 'look unwell." It can be very frustrating. Hope you are feeling ok today. My prayers go out to all who suffer with any form of chronic pain.

  • Yes you can I've got the low care rate of DLA which is now PIP but I've not had to re apply as yet I understand that if your in pain and it affects your day to day living for more than four days you can get the higher rate you can also get a home visit ,give them a nudge by a quick phone call cause march is a long time to wait I had mine about 16/17 yrs ago & CAB did mine for me online it's all changed now though good luck hope you get sorted too xxx

  • hi you should get pip. but it takes a long time for the assement. give the dwp a ring and get the pip phone number. and your claim will start. from the time you have rung them. good luck

  • gov.uk/pip-checker

    Good place to start

  • Yes please do claim, I claimed and had it back dated, I too get good and bad days, I get standard PIP and the standard mobility component..x

  • I am considering applying.. Im still on ssp at the mo so dont know when to apply. Or even to apply for esp. Can you do both? Confused.com!,,

  • I know 2 people who applied more than a year ago and are just having assessments now. One rang to find out where she was on the list and was told that Atos received her details back in April...lets hope its not long now x

  • hi there,

    i have just completed filling in the form which has taken me 2 weeks just could not get my head around some of the questions even though the answers were looking me clean in the face. i to suffer from fibro, chronic lower back pain, vertigo, inner ear problem disrupts my balance and an underactive thyroid. i was told to apply for this by the CAB so i am giving it a go so fingers crossed. the only thing that i am not looking forward to is the face to face assesment. will let you know the out come which could take up to 6months or beyond before any answers so not fast paced.. get the form fill it in and send it off, you never know you may be awarded the benefit.

    kind regards


  • hi there,

    i have just completed filling in the form which has taken me 2 weeks just could not get my head around some of the questions even though the answers were looking me clean in the face. i to suffer from fibro, chronic lower back pain, vertigo, inner ear problem disrupts my balance and an underactive thyroid. i was told to apply for this by the CAB so i am giving it a go so fingers crossed. the only thing that i am not looking forward to is the face to face assesment. will let you know the out come which could take up to 6months or beyond before any answers so not fast paced.. get the form fill it in and send it off, you never know you may be awarded the benefit.

    kind regards


  • I don't know about PIP, living in the US, but you have my sympathies. I take orphenadrine for my fibro. It helps some. I have a son with mental health issues and understand what a battle that can be everyday. Sorry you have so much to struggle with. Hang in there.

  • Hello, Yes you can get PIP when you have Fibro. I claimed and it took 1 year and 1 day until I got the decision. I get the higher rate fir both care and mobility.

    Use any help you can get. The information in here helped me.

    Good luck


  • Thank you ever so much for your reply I feel a bit more positive and that people believe this pain is real

  • My prayers go out to you. No one should have so much pain. I wish the best for you and pray good things start to come your way.

  • Thank you so much, I have an appointment with the rheumatologist nurse to see if I'm entitled to a tens machine rather than gave to pay as they are very expensive

  • You can buy a tens machine from eBay rather cheap....I got a great one for a good price!

  • Ooo can you thank you I'll take a look x

  • Just to let you know I went on ebay and got my tens machine it arrived yesterday so I'm going to suss out how it works and get it doing its job. Thank you for your advice

  • When you have to buy the machine the pads the gel etc even if it's just temporary I will try anything

  • Hi Kirsty16

    I can see that you have been given loads of really great advice. So go for it, you are entitled.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Just to let you guys know I got in touch with my local MP last week regarding an appointment being fobbed off and the time scale etc and I'm pleased to say I have an appointment for Monday 1st December so fingers crossed

  • Good luck! Stay positive!

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