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Hi everyone

On the pip interview I'm have a feeling I'm going to get nervous as I usually do and not answer the questions properly, I have fibromyalgia. I want to claim for it but I just need I bit of help. Do anybody know what question they ask, has anybody claimed for pip with fibromyalgia. Any help with filling forms or nterviews would be a big help for me. Probably better to ask someone who has been threw the process. Anything that would help support the application.

Thanks everyone for making me seem welcome.

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Any evidence I need to include?

Which evidence?

I don't have any appointment letters and I thrown them away

Hi Hidden

I have pasted below a link to the *CAB cache entitled: Preparing for your PIP assessment

which goes through what happens during the interview:

*Preparing for your PIP assessment

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi there, i'm not sure knowing what others put on their forms or what questions are asked at an assessment would help you.

Every one as different problems and needs and you could not put what they put on the form for a particular question. Apart from their problems been different to yours I would say it's unethical.

Again each person I suspect would be assessed and questioned on their particular health problems. So all questions would be different at each assessment. So again knowing the answers to any of the above would be of no benift to you.

Like others have already said talking to someone from DIAL or CAB may be your best way forward. Wishing you good luck.


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Thank you,


If you don't know how the condition adversely affects your daily life then there probably isn't anything you can claim for. Simply having the condition is not an automatic entitlement to money.

Hi I applied for pip with the diagnosis but because at that time I could walk unaided for 50 metres I didn't get accepted.. now I use a walking stick and can barely walk around so I've been accepted.. just stress how bad it is, I know it's almost embarrassing but you need to remember it's not and it's okay that it can be really awful at times. Hope this helps x

Hi. Questions are around mobility mainly. They include things like: do you need support with using utensils whilst eating for example.

Or how far a distance can you walk?

Can you cook a meal on your own.

Those are just some of the ones I can recall.

Try to focus on when the condition is at its worst, like those days when you literally cannot get out of bed. Hope this helps.

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