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Fibro fog and your body not doing what you really want it to do!

Hey everyone.

At the moment it's just so so hard to do college work, to sit and concentrate and then my head going blank! I know there is fibro fog, but if this lasts it's going to be so hard for me!

I so have the feeling of my body not doing things for me! Like its a struggle to walk, if I sit down keeping my head up is torture!

Does anyone else have these problems? I'm new to the fibro illness and just want to see what others feel about their illness

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Katie, you really need to talk with your Dr and ask to be refered on for a thorough diagnosis.

It would be wrong just to assume there could not be something else going on.

Do this sooner rather than waiting for your own peace of mind.

Best Wishes, Ray


I would agree that discussing this issue with your GP just to rule anything else out is the best step to take. If they say it is Fibro, it may help to pace yourself as I always try to do this or else I feel awful.

Good luck

Ken x


Hi Ken. Pacing myself is the one thing I find hard to do. When I am at work I am always on the go. I work in a charity shop( I might have mentioned that before.) Yesterday was delivery day and it is my job to sort and price all of the books that come in from the delivery. After 2 hrs I still hadn't finished and I had someone helping me. My boss left the shop for a bit and when she got back she said "you look really tired" I said " I will be ok when I get my breath back" (by this time the cfs had kicked in. I was told to go home which I did under protest. I am such an active person and hate the fact that I am not always able to do as much as I used to do. My problem is I push myself too hard and then suffer the consequences.


Thanks everyone! I've already been diagnosed by 2 consultants that it is the fibro and chronic fatigue! Suppose Im still comin to terms with everything and trying to figure me out and what limits etc! As of this week, my limits have been toned and the couch not able to move in pain :-(


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