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Blackberry Fog !

First let me explain I could make jam with my eyes closed and have been doing so since I was a child in my grandmothers kitchen (about 40 years now)

This is My Recipe for Blackberry Al La fog Jam

4Lbs of Organic Blackberries (picked at midnight under the light of the full moon)

Juice and zest of 4 Lemons

4 X 1KG bags of sugar (Oppps he said stirring it in,,, what the **** have I done)

For those of you suffering the fog badly today I was thinking in units and not that one bag of sugar is 2.2Lbs meaning I had dumped almost 9Lbs of sugar to 4Lbs of fruit.

I had to add 5Lbs of Brambly Apple when I realised my foggy moment,,,

Don't forget to bring a bit beyond setting point to allow for the magical splash of cognac to finish.

It's delicious and none the worse for the farting around with the mix strangely enough,,, but then again me auld grannie was a very resourceful woman !

Much love to you all,, Best wishes, Ray

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I love jam making :) can't fibro fog just make it more interesting :D


I usually makes me feel really dim,,, like I have become stupid in the last years but it is just ,,,,,,,clumsy of thought.

I know I am not stupid as I'm still clever enough to hide my brain farts so others don't notice.

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Also clever enough to rescue your jam mix :)

I have the same problem, in work I manage to cover myself but there have been occasions when I am looking rather dumbfounded at my boss when he asks me to do something that, as you say, you can do with your eye closed and all of a sudden I have no idea where to start :) could be worse.

Have you ever tried lemon and lime with a dash of cognac, it is really nice and makes a good hand made pressie :)


Funny sometimes I seem to have difficulty working out what someone is saying it is a mental thing,, like I have to make each word mean something and string it together in my mind as it is being said before I understand what is being asked of me.

I quite often pretend that my hearing is worse than it is and get them to repeat.

Actually I thought it was a hearing problem at first,, it would sound stupid to those who don't suffer it but it takes such a long time to recognise the problem!

Lemon and Lime with a dash of Cognac,,, me is thinking curd,,,, Immmm!

The french way if it's not right yet just keep adding butter and cognac until it's perfection!


It is nice to realise that your not on your own and that others seem to be having the same difficulties. Sometimes, as you say, ordinary words have to be given great thought.....and that hurts :D

I have lemon curd only once and as you have to continually stir it, it was pretty sore to do :) lemon and lime, I suppose is a marmalade but so tasty :)

I like the French way, sounds good to me, keep adding to your mistake until it is perfection.


Welcome to the club of inventive cookery. xx


The Swedish Chef !


Do you mean the one from the Muppet show? x


Yes the dump it in muppet,,, Mur--m-e---Nur-ME--Nur--me-Nur that's me Lou!

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We have all done it. My Tai pattie recipe once got muddled with a Greek burger recipe. I dont know what you would call the end result. but it tasted good.

sue xx


And if it don't taste right just keep adding Cognac and Butter until it's perfect,,, It works every time!


Off on a tangent last time I went back to UK found the fridge full of Portuguese marmalade, appears UK's is wrong and our lodger's mother keeps sending him the correct stuff but there is a limit to the amount he can eat. I think Portuguese custard tarts would be better gift myself.


And I thought the Portuguese only eat fish!


No pizza and ice cream like all young people.


I am really partial to apricot jam! Yum!


I've just sent a birthday card. It says.

" I was going to make you a rum cake. Now it's just cake and I'm drunk" :p


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