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Fibromyalgia v Chickungunya


After 18 months I am out in Grenada visiting my husband. Assistance at airports is the difference between going somewhere or staying at home. This island along with several others are having to cope with Chickunya which is a virus caused by a certain mosquito bite. What amazes me is how the symptons are so similar to fibromyalgia. Eg, pain in all muscles/joints, headaches, inability to sleep due to pain, exhaustion and many more. Watching people trying to work with their hands/fingers is like a mirror image to myself and I am sure several others. The pain can stay in your body up to three years. Wishing everyone here a speedy recovery and to all my fibro friends I say Yeah man. Xx

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Enjoy your time out there. It is strange how fibro seems to mimic so many other illnesses I reckon that is why so many of us go for years without a diagnosis and in the end a lot of us diagnose ourselves as I am sure so many GP's know little about our condition.x


Really strange x



enjoy your holiday! Yes, assisted travel makes a big difference, doesn't it. I'd never manage to visit family without it.

Fibro is called the great imitator. It's mainly why it can be so hard to get a diagnosis.




It is certainly knocking a lot of people for six over here. Thanks x


Hi ef59

I genuinely hope that you enjoy your time over there, and please take care, and try not to get this virus as it also sounds horrendous.

I sincerely hope that your holiday can give you a wonderful health boost also?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thanks. It is just how uncanny to imagine how another person is feeling when they have a totally opposite condition. They say it has infected 30% of people on the island. Makes you appreciate even more our NHS.


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