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Hi all

This is my first time on this forum.

I've just joined this community having been part of the PMR/GCA community for the last thirty months. When I was diagnosed with PMR and GCA I was put straight on high dosage prednisolene (steroids) to control it. They were an unwanted necessity because without them the GCA could have resulted in permanent blindness, stroke and/or heart attack. In fact, I'd already had a heart attack, in 2007, and a subsequent quadruple bypass so i was already taking enough pills to make me rattle!

The steroids have lots of unpleasant side-effects, one of them is that they can induce diabetes. Sure enough, last November my GP told me I had Diabetes Type 2. More shuffling around with my diet and more medication!

Despite the medication, I was/am still suffering from pain, almost everywhere and two months ago my rheumy told me I had fibromyalgia!

So this is where I am and pretty resigned to a seemingly ever-increasing list of pills to collect from the pharmacy each month. I've been referred for physio and someone suggested that hydrotherapy might help because i can do little exercise as I am literally exhausted most of the time and I don't have brilliant mobility (my arthritic knees don't help!).

To be honest, if I was a building rather than a human I would have been condemned long ago! I shall read this site with interest, perhaps someone has a miracle remedy! :-)

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Hi GreyOwl no miracle cures only another voice in the community with support and a warm welcome.


Hi Greyowl as Ian123 said no miracles yet but a great group of people who understand.



Welcome Grey Owl to a lovely community. I am so so sprry to hear about all your health issues it sounds as though you have had enough on your plate without having fibro put on top of it. Talking about houses I think I am one made of straw at the moment, one blow would knock me down that is if the damp rot doesn't get me first! Do try the hydrotherapy if it is offered as funnily enough when I went to the Pain Clinic last Monday i mentioned to the pain nurse that I had been referred for physiotherapy and he straight away said ask them about hydrotherapy as he is a great believer in its positive effects. Let us know how you get on.x


Hi GreyOwl

Welcome to the forum, and I genuinely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun! I am so sorry to read of the suffering that you have been forced to endure and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

I also take steroids (10mg daily) for my COPD and asthma. As you say they are a necessity! So I understand completely where you are coming from.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely look froward to bumping into you around the forum.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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