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I have reheumatoid arthritis, Fibromyalgia, deafness and dodgy hips. I am finding this heat tough (it's 22 degrees C here.

Do other people find the heat makes them go a bit peculiar?

I keep thinking I am about to have a heart attack. It's something I seem to be getting obsessed about. I have been checked and had an EEG a few weeks ago, and it was exactly the same as one I had about 4 years ago, so there is nothing actually wrong.

Are irrational thoughts a feature of this?

Thanks (I am 54 by the way)

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  • Hi Masaka

    Welcome to the forum, this is a brilliant place to get advice, a laugh or two and share experiences.

    Our Moderaters are the best and I dare say they will be along shortly to welcome you.

    The heat is not great Is it? If its any consolation, I spent most of last night having awful palpitations, its a regular occurrence for me but when its hot and night time I go into panic mode!

    As you can see, I'm alive and if not kicking (would if I could) I'm at least remembering when I could!

    Hope we both have a better night tonight

    Cupcakes xx

  • Thank you. It's reassuring that I am not the only one. I think I have twigged that this might be anxiety related, and will perhaps try to tackle it based on that. I am not usually one for panic attacks, but I think I need to deal with this before it gets out of hand.

    i Hope you have a better night as well.

  • When you got fibro everything is dodgie 🙃

  • Too right Erny!

  • Masala

    Do you have hearing aids? Have you tried leaving one in at night?

    Sometimes works for me......yeah, daft I know.......

  • Yes I have hearing aids in both ears. Might try that - anythings worth a try. Thanks

  • Hello Masaka,i can not handle the hot weather at all I always keep a fan nearby. I suffer from sweating too so embarrassing.😨 When I have a flare I get panic attacks and fear this it !! Then worry about heart attack bad fall down cellar steps or not getting over this flare and this pain be permanent. Starting to realize it's a panic attack and do my deep breathing,and eventually calm down. Hope this helps. Sweet dreams. Chris

  • Thank you. The fact the ECG is normal should reassure me. However I have still been stressed about it. The fact I live alone doesn't help,

  • Hi, I really don't like the heat too. My heart starts doing strange things when I'm the slightest bit dehydrated and need to drink 3 to 4 litres of fluid a day when it's hot weather to keep it under control. I have a condition called PoTS what causes it, even today I felt really unwell while I was driving and had to stop the car for half an hour or so until the pressure on my heart and heart racing stopped and was safe to continue (felt similar to panic attack)

    Hope you find answers to your problem or find peace to live with it.

    Sleep well

  • Thank you. I got very dehydrated about a fortnight ago. That set my system into complete meltdown. I have been careful since to up my fluid intake. I think I can be a bit too casual about the Rheumatoid/ Fibromyalgia sometimes and not treat it with the respect it deserves.

    I think, now I have worked out the probable cause I am on the way to cracking it. I shall get a book on anxiety, and follow some recommendations.

  • Hi Masaka

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted for you below a link to our mother site, FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:


    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this, and there could be quite a few reasons apart form Fibro. MedicineNet says that the heat itself can cause this issue. Whilst NHS Choices says that anxiety can lead to the same symptoms.

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi, Masaka. You didn't quite say what made you worry about your heart, but I CAN tell you about my episode(s). I'm 67, have always hated the heat, and grew up in the extreme heat of central California. Was always plagued by headaches and lethargy, and finally got out of that place. I now have MS, but VERY mild, thank God, and diabetes, and am very overweight. Any heat is stultifying, but combined with too much Starbucks I would start feeling like a small animal was trying to escape thru my neck, and the heart was beating way too fast. SO scary. After a few such episodes, and a normal EKG, it was found by a much older ER doc that I have supraventriculartachycardia, or SVT. I was reassured several times that this was in no way life threatening (not sure I quite believed it), and problem could be solved by dunking my head in iced water--not always convenient, or by bearing down as if having a bowel movement. OR, I could start taking a small white pill , atenolol, a beta blocker. Problem solved immediately, but best of all, immediately and completely ended my migraines, which had been VERY unpleasant and pricey to treat. Atenolol is a BP pill, so it helped that as well. Many years later and no problem in that area. Still dislike the heat, indoors and out, and long sleeves and jumpers are NOT part of my wardrobe, nor is polyester. I know long distance diagnoses by nonmedical people can be bogus, but just want to reassure you that there might be a legitimate "thing" that is not nerves or anxiety. A thing that is commonly known in medicine, but not to the general public. Best of luck. (No jokes about hot flashes, please.)

  • I had a pain in my left arm, and felt a bit short of breathe. However the doc checked me out, and I have had several ecg's over the last couple of year all of which look the same. Several different operations on hip and ears. I was investigated for Marfin Syndrome a couple of years ago. The cardiologist did say one of my valves was a bit leaky, but didn't want to see me again. She thought it was linked to high blood pressure. However given my blood pressure is usually very low rather than high, I put it down to being in the cardiac unit. There was something very disconcerting about it. I have suffered a lot of mechanical failure over the years, but if the engines goes you are stuffed.

  • Hello Masaka, You are definately not alone getting your palpitations and odd feelings. I too have been checked thoroughly, so no longer expecting to fall off my perch each time my heart beats faster.

    It does feel intrusive though. Wakes me up and stops me falling asleep. These days I just say 'oh pooh go away' and get on with snoozing or what ever. Stressing is the very devil for making symptoms worse.

    If you start a new worrying symptom you should get checked. We are all human after all and could get a real issue. But these regular weird irritating symptoms we just have to get on with.

    Mine are worse when I'm hot and bothered. It reminds me to throw off another layer have a wee, or maybe have a sip of water.

    Obviously you need to make sure you are eating and digesting properly and giving your body the best chance of being healthy and comfortable. Deficiencies, particularly in our B vitamins can lead to us feeling stressed and anxious even if we have nothing to worry about.

  • Thanks. My diet is rubbish. Going to tackle it after I come back from holiday. Too much rubbish food and too much iPad won't be helping.

  • Had an update from my friend who was very poorly with pain and seriously mentally wrecked. On heavy meds. She has been seeing a therapist to address her diet ect. Probiotics, bone broths (ew) supplements and so on with counselling, homeopathy, the whole works. She has improved so much it is hard to believe. Off nearly all of her meds just one last one being weaned off. Her mental health too has improved so dramatically she is hardly recognisable in her confidence and positivity. She thought her life was over and now she has so much hope.

    She is proof these drugs don't help in the long term and the benefits of healing the gut. I know there is more and having a profession to help is such a benefit but making any kind of a start to fix our tummies and improve the diet is going to be a help. Meds to damp the symptoms are just putting off the time we eventually have to deal with fixing the problem properly. I hope it works for you.

  • Yes the heat gets to me too, here's an idea that I use which really helps, I use a large dog cooling mat, I know it is meant for dogs but as I brought it new I could not see a problems as it works, you soak the mat, then wring it out, the backing is water prod and the mat really holds the water, and dose not make me wet either when I lay on it, I put it on my sofa or you and wrapped it around you self, for me it is better than loads of fans as they make me to cold, having Raynuards syndrome, the large dog mats are around £30, don't knock it until you try it,

    Wish you better

    Love joy

  • The dog mat sounds a good idea. Mind you the dog would probably mug me for it. She has a double coat and really suffers as well.

  • It does seem that it is common amongst our members to feel this way, although I don't think it is exclusive to fibro. I have noticed I get agitated in bright sunlight and high temperatures but as soon as I am under the shade of a tree or go indoors it immediately lessens. My heart rate drops and I feel more comfortable altogether.

    It is one of those quirks I have learnt to live with over the years.

    I hope the fact you are having normal ECGs have helped to lessen your concerns.


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