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How to?


As I said this morning, I am new to this.

How do I see chats etc.

I replied to a few people this morning and in my emails I can see people have responed to replies etc.

When im on the news page (which I assume is the home page) I can see all types of messages from everyone but not my ones. Slightly confused. Is it like twitter where you can see everyone on a news page but there is also a tab thing that tskes you to all of ypur messages that you have previously written.

Any help appreciated.


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I think you can click on your own profile on the green heading at the top of the page and your posts and replies appear. Not good with anything technical, took me almost a year to become confident enough to get on this Forum so glad I did though. x Lou


Ha. Glad there is someone else like me out there :-) although I have just found this reply so am very pleased

with myself now.

Thanks for help.

Em x


when you open an email notification, you will see a box underneath the text saying "see response".

click on it and it should open the reply under your post.

hamble :)


I knew someone would have the answer. x Lou


Hi EandA

Can I also quickly add to this, if you are on the home page and you want to see more posts click on the 'all posts' banner and it will add more posts for you to see.

Take care

Ken x


E&A do you mean your answers don't didplay?


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