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Struggling on crutches

Hi all hope you are all as well as can be , I was just wondering if any of you have ever been on crutches I have injured my knee the hospital think I have ruptured my meniscus or crushet and have put me in a splint from shin to upper thigh they have also put me on crutches and told me to keep the weight off it I am finding the crutches very hard due to the fibro and also all my weight being on one leg is really hurting my hip can anyone give me any advice it would be very much appreciated

Gentle hugs to all x

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I've been on crutches for about 18 months now as I struggle with walking and balance issues due to fibro, problem us u can't limp on both your legs wen your legs and hurts , you just limp on the one that's all you can do but take your pain mess as it gets very tiring. Good luck hope this helps a bit


I wish I could but not allowed to put any weight on it what so ever but thank you for the advice x


I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with this, I would ask for a physio appointment, I used a Zimmer frame when I was in this position a while ago, you can lean on the frame, I found this put less strain on the other side. Wishing you well. x Lou


Thank you Lou I will speak to them x


Hi Ive been walking with crutches for the last 4 years as I have severe osteo in both knees and need knee replacements but because of my weight they wont do them and I also have ruptured achilles. I do have to use a zimmer when at the swimming pool. I dont like using it but I know some people find it easier. It is hard to walk with crutches when you hands hurt with fibro and RD and it is totally exhausting so I try to pace myself. Its hard to slow down to a snails pace but I get there in the end even if I sleep for a week after. Hope you heel quickly. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Hi Nala

I am so sorry to read that you are on crutches at this time, and I genuinely hope that you start to recover soon. I have never been on crutches although I use to have a walking stick, but there is a big difference.

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Bless your heart. Maybe a walker would work better??? I'm not sure as I've been lucky enough to never have had to use them. I can imagine the discomfort. Hoping everything heals quickly sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


Hi. So sorry to hear you are in that predicament. I too injured my knee. I snapped the cap in half!! Stung a bit!

After the plaster I was put in a splint (think they called it a cricket splint) this was from ankle to half way up thigh. Walking is veryhard when hosp say no weigh baring. From personal exp I woukd say zimmer. I had both (still have to use crutches) but found zimmer much much easier on the hips. I had one with 2 legs and the other 2 were on wheels which made travelling along my living room floor much easier when I needed to go for my stroll.

Not being able to weight bare means you develop a lopsidedness that is practically impossible to get out of later on, trust me! You also will begin to 'hipshift' once you get bak to 2 legs. This is something I did, 1 because my knee was still painfull to put full weight on even when it was fixed, 2, because I was too scared to put full weight on and 3 my other leg had arriedmy weight for so long, it too had now developed its own set of problems.

They pain in my hip, of mygood leg, was getting worse. I constantly complained whenever I saw doctors or my consultant and I know for ages the fobbed me off. Hosever, recently I had it xrayed and looked atby the orthopedic team and he spotted wear and tear and the onset of arthritis. Plus bursitis, great! This is the hip of my good leg remember!

I have now been told I will almost definately need it replaced in 10 ish yrs time. That is my 40s. So something to look forward to a ? :-)

Know I have replied with a me, me, me story but the is a moral.

Zimmer more comfortable to begin with when injury fresh especially for fibro I think as it spreads weight more evenly. Crutches are good but painful in arms and hands, especially if, like me, you get flare ups in your arm muscles.

As for your hip, do everything humanly poss to stay straight. Practice infront of mirror (advice from my physio) looking at how you hold your position. Lastly ask a physio for some gentle exercises you can do to help keep your hip supple, youll need it later after all.

I hope this has helped a little, sorry for the waffle, just thought we have a similar story so maybe I could help.

Keep your chin up (and your leg!)

Thinking of you

Em xx



I was on crutches for 4 months due to a bad ankle injury two years ago. like you I found it really hard at first. it does get easier with practice! easy to say, not so easy to cope with. I found using the swing technique helped. if you can build up your arm muscles swinging your body forward (start small so you don't fall over) rather than trying to take proper steps/hops. it will make traveling faster so you are off your foot sooner and may reduce the weight you are putting on you good leg. it took me a good few weeks to get to the point where my arms could cope with the extra weight as I am a bit of a heifer and have weak arms, but it will probably be quicker for you especially if you already have decent arm muscles..

In case no one has told you, you might want to get cushioned protectors for you hands when you use the crutches. I damaged by nerves in the first few weeks because it didn't have any cushioning and ended up having severe pins and needles for months after I stopped using the crutches. I just wrapped electrical tape around a cut up towel to cover the grips on the crutches but I think you can get proper covers if you want to. good luck, I hope your knee recovers quickly.


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