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Hey. I'm 17 and my doctor has just informed me that she thinks I'm suffering fibromyalgia, after years of extensive blood tests and hospital trips. To be honest I've never heard of it and if I hadn't finally willed myself to take more action with the "what was going on " after appalling treatment and attemptive diagnosis, I would still not know. It is quite fascinating (probably the wrong word to use) to finally put a name to what my life has been like. It has explained extensive amounts of memories. I would like to offer some advice though. Since moving in with my father I have been boxing for a year and partaking in well high intensive/exercise in general. The pain and everything that accompanies my day to day life are significantly reduced. I hope this helps, as not even knowing what I had, I knew that it was helping:)

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hi and welcome Laur1, I am aware that exercise helps, but you are the first to mention boxing :)

if you go on our parent site you will find lots of info on fibro.



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Hi Laur1

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I genuinely hope that you find the forum, useful, informative and loads of fun!

I must admit that at 51 I think any boxing days I may have encountered are truly over? Mind you, I do also suffer with Osteoarthritis, Costochondritis, Sciatic Nerve Damage, Chronic Asthma and COPD! So not really for me then?

If it works for you then I think good luck and really go for it! I want to wish you all the best of luck with fighting your Fibro (no pun intended?).

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi. .. I'm so pleased your boxing is helping you manage your pain better. ..I too am new to this. . Never heard of fibro, but since I've been diagnosed (6wk) I've tried to help myself without medication and go the exercise and diet route. .. cardio. . Resistance work and swimming. . The best bit. ... Feeling more like me


Thank you:) I decided against medication and went the other route for management. Boxing isn't for everyone I suppose, but if anyone is interested in it without being punched in the face, boxercise is a brilliant work out and can be tailored to your needs.

I've heard about stretching exercises are to help? Is this true?

Furthermore, am I to see any GP or specialist? My doctor just rang me up said "this is what it is" and that was it?

Much appreciated.



The symptomology of FMS overlaps with many other conditions and I hope your doctor wasn't one of those that has used the diagnosis to 'put an end to the mystery' - there are quite a few out there now. I guess, if the symptoms fit and those hospital trips you mentioned do also, then he could be right too of course. The reason I'm saying this is that I've found much laziness and miserly behaviour with budgets out there too at the moment, and trying to find doctors who listen and are willing to push the boat out to gain an ACCURATE diagnosis is nigh on impossible. I have been telling my doctors, spine specialists etc for three years what I thought was going on with me but they failed to listen and just wanted to send me to pain management - now I have just had a functional MRI and they have found exactly what I have been saying to be true!

As a little diversion for you: if you have ever had any neck issues (obviously boxing is hard on the neck) then I would suggest you look at Positional Cervical Cord Compression - there are files on here all about it or google will suffice too.

Good luck!

Gary x


Hi Laur1, welcome to the site it is very informative and friendly. Boxing your way to health sounds great. I am swimming to improve mine. A positive attitude definately helps and you sound very positive, nice to meet you.


Forgot to say a referal to pain clinic is probably next move, although you sound like you have things under control already !


Hey, yeah thank you. I've been suffering without knowing for so long now I suppose you just build up a positive attitude. Got to face things head on and if you don't like your situation then do something about it. It's a good way to be. My pain is very much manageable since starting boxing, which is what postponed me following it until a few weeks ago. I spent four months out from boxing and found my symptoms came back worse.

I've heard that FMS has psychological effects too, we are supposed to have lower levels of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine. Does anyone find that they get easily depressed and their stress levels don't die down straight after it normally would, say if a situation has been sorted and for some reason you may still be reacting like it hasn't?


Hi Laur 1, and welcome to the forum. Well, it's sounds like You have a good regimen with You boxing. I have fibro really bad in the neck, spine and back. I also have a tear in my right shoulder rotator cuff and can't have surgery since I'm too old. I'll be 59 in a couple of weeks. The doctor told me last year that if He did the surgery it wouldn't help so I have to deal with this as well. I dread the winter months coming. This is when I have to combat several things and it's pretty rough. It's not hard to keep the my faith. I know I am going through this to help other people so I can deal with it. You have a pretty good support team here in the fibro forum. Great people who are going through their issues and are still willing to help out. I know I appreciate each and everyone of their comments. It really helps and I hope You feel the same way and if You need to talk we are here for You.


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