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Quick progression?

Hello, i have been diagnosed for just over a year now and have so far despite symptoms carried on as normal. The past 2 months however my symptoms have increased at an alarming rate not only in severity but also the different types experienced. For the first time i am worried about my work in the future. Has anyone else experienced such progression with their symptoms?

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Hi sorry to hear that you have had this frightening progression. I was rather like that I have always been achy and seemed to react to certain drugs with even more aches,. I had had osteo in my neck for years but like you just carried on. I then got costo chondritis which instead of going within a couple of weeks just stayed and then I seemed to be in pain everywhere especially back which had knawing, burning and shooting pains and was literally frightened to move and everything was such an effort. Eventually after a year of this work finished me. It seemed to get to this peak and then has settled into something more constantand less dramatic, better some days than others but I will suddenly go from slight pain and fatigue to full blown I have got to sit down now as i can hardly walk and feel exhausted. I have now learnt that if I go out one day and do more normal things i have to rest the next day and if I push the buttom too many times in one week I will suffer. I've now been diagnosed with osteo in both hips but have got to wait 2 months for physio which I am going to try as the drugs don;t seem to be doing much. My husband isn't well either so it is like the blind leading the blind some days. I find this site a very helpful place where we all try and support one another. If there were any specific questions you would like to ask I am sure people would be happy to try and helpx


Unfortunately yes I was adderment I didn't have fibro along with some other things but started get bowel issues in September which got progressively worse by December ,then breathlessness ,early jan , by the end of jan couldn't walk across a room without getting what was assumed asthma attacks ,was signed off work 30 jan ,and have been on complete rest since ,lost my job 4 weeks ago , and am off to pain clinic this afternoon to learn how to pace my self. Sorry , I can honestly say in myself I feel better (in my head) I had got to the point it was work and bed ,no interest in any thing else ,I am in pain but know I have stopped fighting it I am a lot happier. Can't explain It ,:)



Yes I did in the first year. I found it very hard to accept my limitations and would do what I have always done and fight the pain. Please listen to your body. Do far less than you think you can and build up a little at a time. Treat yourself as if you've had an illness and are recovering. Any sign you should stop, do so.

I am still in work after three years but didn't do as I'm saying now. I fought to stay as active, and have paid the price. I am now on my final warning at work because of absences.

Give your body time to wake up in the mornings. Take things steady up to lunch time and then you should cope with the rest of the day. Well that's my experience. You do have to find the right medication for you. That takes time too. Keep it going, don't just stop without talking to your doctor but also read the advice in the meds and watch for side effects! Sorry, no I'm not a doctor. Talk to them. Write down every symptom even silly things.

Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

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I am retired now, I am horrified that so many on here are under threat of losing their job through ill health, fully understand those who can no longer continue in employment, I carried on as long as I could but never pressurised into leaving, is it legal for an employer to do this, if so something needs to change. Wishing you all the best.x


I have found my life so much easier since I accepted my limitations. I went from someone who was very active both in work and in my social life to someone who just worked then rested to try and struggle through another shift. I have now learned to slow myself right down both at work and at home. Work shorter shifts spaced out. Things that may have taken me a day to do I space out to a couple of hours over a few days. Deligate deligate. You cannot do everything. Accept this. Kept getting told to exercise. It will help you. When anyone said this I thought you just dont understand I fight to get the energy to get through every day, how could I possibly exercise. I started to go swimming after christmas. It was a real struggle for the first month. Now go twice a week for an hour at a time. I go very gently and switch off and totally relax. I have found this a great help, although the first time I went the energy it took to get there I nearly turned round and went back home again. I know everyones fibro is different and affect everyone differently. I have just accepted I am not lazy, I cannot do everthing and control everything and learned to say no more often when being asked to do things. Sometimes no is a very hard word to say. But believe me I have found saying no and being kind to myself has been of great benefit. Of course finding the right meds for you, in my case tramadol and lyrica is also a great help. Wishing you well.


I too have developed new symptoms in fairly rapid progression. I was formally diagnosed with FM about a year and a half ago, but am sure it had been going on for a few years before that (it starts in some following injury, illness, etc., but sometimes over time - is my understanding).

Within the last year, I started having more muscle pain and more fatigue. In the last 6 months, the fatigue grew to being daily with naps of 2 to 4 hours (never napped in my life more than a half hour). There are some good days when my symptoms recede. After removing some shellac nail paint in Januray, my nails started peeling and getting ridges. I finally got some advice here and they are better. Then I started getting daily headaches, an occasional migraine. 3 months ago, I started having abdominal pains and finally went to a gastroenterologist. I'm waiting for the dreaded colonoscopy and am having other tests as well.

Were these always lurking and getting worse and it's just a coincidence . . . hmmm, did FM bring them on or rush them into manifesting? I don't know the answer, but I sure am hoping this is it for awhile.

I'm hoping the same for you. Keep one foot in front of the other and do first things first!


Hi chrisfoster

I sincerely hope that you are feeling well today? And I am so sorry to read that your Fibro symptoms have escalated at such a rate. My symptoms really took off after a serious fall last November, and I was unable to walk for a few weeks. Despite the fact that I am now walking with a tri-walker, my symptoms have not subsided and I have appeared to have plateaued.

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I genuinely hope that you find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Yes and sorry to say Sweetheart it doesn't get any better. With age it only gets worse and the symptoms multiply. As for work I worked for about 5 years with it and didn't know what I had until after I had to take disability. That was 11 years ago. Now I'm still fighting it daily. What might help is if you try going to a pain clinic. They can access your pain and give you something for your suffering. I fought it for years and finally just couldn't take it anymore. I got to the point that I couldn't even lay my head down on my pillow. The muscles in my shoulders, neck and the back of my head were ridged. Now at least my pain on the most part is bearable. Hope this helps sweetheart!!!! xxx Mitzi


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