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Pulling Muscles Ouch :'(

Hey..... Is there any others out there who find that they pull muscles really easily with out doing any strenuous tasks. I can just be sat on the sofa and get up and pulled a muscle. I wondered if this was a common symptom

Thanks Sarah

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Its is more likely that we will pull more muscles because we can no longer exercise them all to tip top performance. They get lazy and out of sorts and then we move reaction is quick stiffening and a pull against them they were not expecting. It can cause some really nasty injuries so we must take care ove gently using all our muscles to make us stand and walk with good posture. The Alexander technique for breathing and moving is a good one to research.

Good luck have a good day


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Yes i have that problem i was cleaning my teeth one day last week and out of nowhere the main muscle in my back had spasmed it had tightened so much i could not move it has taken over a week to be able to move again properly, but that is not the only muscle that pulls easily my achilles heels my knees even muscles i did not know i had at the moment my doc can only say it must be part of fibro which is obvious but there must be a reason why they pull so easy like does fibro make they weak in some people no one has given an answer to that as they say we dont know oh yes i do clean my teeth everyday 3 times not just the once i mentioned LOL


I have had this just recently and its bloody painful. Mine is more like sudden tight knots in my myscles close to my bones for some reason!

I was just standing washing up and ping!! A tiny but painful knot had just appeared in my leg went straight down to the floor and had to get the hubby to give the not a deep rub lol x

Keeps happening in different places randomly and like you said u only have to move slightly x


Well I tend to get muscle spasms in my neck area. Just getting over a bouch of if in my throat and chest area. Did get it checked out at hospital though just in case it was something else. Very very painful.


I pull things all the time and get randon spasms throughoyt the day and particularly in bed when not even moving. I have been having seriius issues with my hamstrings during the hot weather where I have to jumo up and massage them (not good during dress rehearsal for commonwealth games!

I have amatryptilene (I so can't spell it) which is supposed to help, but doesn't. I do yoga and pilates which sometimes help, but others just make it loads worse. The joys of fibro! At least we will never be bored!!

Carole x


Yes I have one muscle in the bottom of my back that goes repeatedly, I've learned to recognise slight twinges as a warning that it's about to go and can prevent it sometimes, but not always. Take care. X


I have recurrent cramping of my calf muscles whilst asleep and wake in agony.


Hello All,

I wonder if some of you may be experiencing Myofascial Pain, as I have had tight muscles and had these pains before.

Muscles contract like cramp and stay taut for days!

Here's some info about Myofascial Pain ;


Hope this is of interest

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Yes, this hapens if i do things without thinking about it. My wrists sre particularly prone to this st the moment, just suddenly waving can cause agony.


Oh definitely! When I get into bed and begin to relax my spine seems to 'shift' in some way and I feel a 'crunching' sensation, as if my spine is moving back into place. The pain is excruciating! I'm having bad upper back pains at the moment....when I try to fill my lungs completely it really hurts, also if I try to put my chin on my chest, it really pulls on the upper back muscles!! Maybe has something to do with me over stretching myself with housework yesterday? XX :(

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It is the same for me & this was happening long before my Fibro was diagnosed. I had always been very active.. from morning until night! Never sat down, so I couldn't say it was due to 'overuse' as I had always been the same. Some days I can get out of bed & feel as though I've been ten rounds with Mike Tyson or hit by a bus but either is not very nice! Other days it will just affect certain muscles & I then break down what I did the day before ( which is usually very limited!) that could've caused this! I don't know why I do that, when the answer is: Fibro!


I concur with all these posts.Very painful.


Oh yes! I find it very easy to pull muscles, (not got many either!). It can be so painful at times. I am so sorry to read that this is happening to you and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi SarahAnn86 Nothing about fibro surprises me, I too manage to pull a muscle in a blink of an eye, the favourite ones are my shoulders, round my ribs and my calves. It is a good excuse to get my hubby to massage the affected bit though. My doc says it happens more because I am not as active as I used to be, she suggested gentle exercises. Hugs Doreen x


Yes me too. Although I am sorry others are experiencing this, I am also grateful not to be alone. My back can spasm with no apparent reason and the best therapy I have found is my TENs machine. It seems to release it. But when I have spasms in my neck I use a wheat bag to warm it, and also for my hands. Very important to avoid cold patches. For instance a draft down the back at night!

Hope they ease for you.


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