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A friend of mine has suggested that i have very similar symptoms to fibromyalgia and the Fatigue, Sleep difficulties, Brain fog and morning stiffness could be the result of that, I'm not one for self or friend diagnosis at all but would this be something to look it to? i have informed my doctor many times of the symptoms that I`m suffering and about to talk to him about my new ones, like my pain points which i now have more over my body and are tender to the touch specially when pressed also i have mind freeze which stops me from getting the words out ,like there on the tip of my tongue but can not get them out and my head, eye and lip twitching, any help or suggestions would be helpful, i have been suffering with lower back,thigh pain,pelvis pain and neck pain for over 3 years and been diagnosed with chronic pain syndrome in january , thanks brew x

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Hi brew

Please could I ask who diagnosed your Chronic Pain Syndome?

Fibromyalgia can take years and years to be diagnosed. I would suggest that you make an appointment to see your GP and ask to be referred to a Rheumatologist.

Fibro can be diagnosed by a GP too, but personally I think seeing a specialist consultant might be best.

If your GP refuses to refer you see another GP in the practice or failing that change your doctors practice. Your GP has a duty of care to you.

Good luck. I hope you find the answers you so deserve.


Lu xx


The pain clinic after over 2 years back to forth from the doctors they said we have been over my file and explained to me my pain has become chronic as it been over 3 months and it not getting any better in how it is effecting me and my life,i had 3 MRI and all come out the same DDD,L1 S5 problems but don't see the need to op as they said it may with help right its self in time and that was over 2 years ago, the friend has a family member who has fibro and just said it sounds a bit like that and maybe I should look into it


You have nothing to lose by trying. Why not see your GP and look into it?

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I'm curious as to why u are afraid to ask if it is fibro? I've lived with the pain for years and I personally was glad to finally have someone to do the tender point test and ask about the symptoms ( who was a real knowledgeable doc I mean) and to tell me what it was. It didn't change what it was. Just relieved me that someone was going to take the bull by the horns and do something finally

I mean. Just cause I stand in the garage doesn't make me a car. Lol. Its just a DX that they can use to proceed w a treatment plan ( and billing for insurance) I am so much more than a label and so are you too Toots



Thank for you comments Cindy, I think its because after my appointments at the pain clinic and the doctor their brushing over my file with me so quickly and just telling me in such a what ever way that my pain is CPS, I feel a bit awkward but know I must get over this, the thing that piss me off the most is when the doctor at the pain clinic said "well your pain is coming up for 3 months now but hopefully if we act now we can get it under control" this was in December and the earliest they could book me in was the end of April so that's a 4 months wait , so I pointed out that I have been like this for over 2 years and have been signed off work for the last 6 months and asked when are you counting the start of my pain from? She didn't reply and started. going on about pacing myself at work of all things , sorry for the rant, I about to see me nice doctor next week about my mind fog and tender points around my lower back,pelvis, inner and outer thighs and neck, he has taken me of gabapentin as he thinks the mind fog could be from that but I have been off them for 3weeks and I am still the same

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I sure undderstand thevrant. Between the feasr, pain, my ignorance of what is happening, i have been as mean as yellow dog with n12 ticks.

That's not normal for me, I assume all of us aren't doing so hot lately

I think I get it. Our countries are different I think in disability and time off for sick.. In Texas, a right to work state, your company can let you go for moist any reason... We have federal laws that override some state rights but not most times. ( women's rights took a long time in the south because of this).

Anyway, if a person is permanently disabled, one can file for disability ( SSA) but it takes years and is turned down, even if you have cancer... Got to get an attorney usually in Texas to fight this . u get like 70% of your last quarter ly checks... Ie make 820 cus you used to make 1100.

But that is per month. And the inflation adjustment is like 1%. We can work but not make more than 900.00.

Tight living. I love how some folks assume sick people are out ripping off the tax payers with a cruise to Rio w Raul the cabana boy. Haha

If you get fired for being sick though you can file for unemployment for 10 months, and it's a % of your last income. Per month ? not to surpass 1080.00. Which blows if you were making 7000.00. Oil businesses were doing well in Houston. 😇


Er, please excuse the typos, as I was apparently typing with my elbow. I'm on my tablet and autocorrect plus my fat fingers are a sad combo/ indictment of American school system

I are home taughted. : snort:😅

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Hey, there, fellow Texan!

Yes, my Pain Management Doc in Dallas is in a group which rarely even deals with disability cases ... the process for approval is so very difficult, involved and as you said, ultimately extremely lengthy.



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