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yesterday i went for my first consultation with a physio after having fm for over 10yrs but only being diagnoised nearly 3 years ago after going through all my medical history and problems and 45 minutes later i was left really confused to be told i dont actually have fm i have a tilted pelvis caused by having 4 children and lack of pelvic exercise over the last 20 + the problem has got worse and this is what he says is causing my violent pains in my thighs and spine. i came home not knowing what to think so i have booked an app to see my gp next week as i dont know whats going on as i had all the tests and comfirmation from a specialist to say i do have fibro along with several other conditions confused . com was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this would love to hear from you joanne

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Hi Joanne,

Yes, something similar maybe - an osteopath said my pelvis was out of line through having heavy babies but my GP says I have arthritis of the hips and a physio has said I have sciatica due to lack of exercise... I have learned to trust my own judgement based upon research as I know what kind of pain I experience better than anyone else. Similarly I have researched what to do about the various joint problems and try to manage them without meds etc because I don't want an expert to think they know and for me to end up having to take meds to counteract side effects of meds, etc...

Sue x


Hugs. Personally, I would go by what a GP or Rheumatologist says. Ask if you can be referred to a Rheumy. Physiotherapist are experts in their field but a GP has a wider range of knowledge. And it is possible to have a tilted pelvis ( I do) and have FM, Arthritis, HMS, etc.

Ask for a second opinion.




Hi joed

I am so sorry to read that you have been left in such confusion over this issue, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the problem. I think that I would not come to any conclusions until you speak to your GP first?

I have Fibro, but I also have multiple disabilities that have been developing over the last couple of years. My GP said to me that anybody can have more than one illness, it is just a question of pinpointing the problems.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Hi, sorry the medical profession have left u confused. It seems to be a favourite pastime of theirs.

U have done the right thing contacting your GP. it may be that there is a problem with your pelvis which has either triggered or exacerbated the Fibro. As others have said, it is common to have other health problems alongside Fibro. Hopefully if physio can treat pelvis it may relieve some of your other symptoms?

But I don't believe a physio is qualified to rule out your previous diagnosis of Fibro, only a rheumatologist can do that I think.

Hope your GP can help clarify he situation for you and you get the help & support u need xxx

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Hello Joed, the physio that saw you, did they read any notes, andlook at any x-rays?? If you have what they saw you have, it would sound to me as though you would be in a wheelchair, tilted pelvis? and lack of pelvic exercise, for violebt pains down thighs abd spine?? What physio treatment did they recomend??

Were they even concentrating?? if all above are you going to see a orthopedic specialist, and a spinal specialist?? Do you get the impression that physio was talking through the back of their head???.

May be you could ring that person up and ask them for written report covering all that they told you so that you have got it to show your GP, and it needs sending to you direct, so that you can read it and find somebody who can help you understand it, as from what they said it has alarmed you very much, and you need the GP to understand their diagnosis, and make them give you a report, because if it turns out to be total rubbish and you do have FM and not what they said, then slapped hands will need to handed out.

Please try to get to the bottom of this, and get your GP on the case, take care, for now ttfn.


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