getting more scared

today has been a not so good day.woke 7.30 and took dog s out -legs ached pelvic pain and all the other stuff.barely able to walk .bus home.went back to bed cos so tired and in pain.,

not hungry all day -eating less than ever-managed a small meal,pelvic pain spreading to groins(bones feels hard)and sore even more concerned now -dogs behaving more oddly,

Can I last til Monday.

when saw podiatrist she said -from gps letter -have fibromyalgia.wanted to say no its more than that-why does he (gp)persist in saying its fibro when have symptoms which are definitely noT fibro.

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  • Hi anbuma

    I am so sorry to read that you are struggling so much still. Hopefully when Monday comes you will get some answers to your questions? I want to wish you all the best of luck for Monday.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • thank you Ken.i only have to look in my dogs' eyes to see how concerned they are.

  • Hi sorry to hear your in so much pain it could be fibro related cos that sort of pain travels sending you soft huggies. Ros xoxox

  • Hi there.yes I know it could be but I have swelling ,skin rashes(bleed for no reason and when I wash,) and conditions all over-from my scalp to my legs.these aren't symptoms of s all the other stuff going on -hernia gastritis duodenitis recently diagnosed-possibly had for two years -never feeling hungry and persistent pelvic pain(either to do with op.or some thing undiagnosed .so many unanswered questions and symptoms ignored that I hope he will listen to me on Monday.I would say to him you have to believe my dogs but know he wont cos it s not clinical even tho it s known dogs(and other pets) sense illness in their owners.have a batch of photos to take showing all swellings especially how swollen my face is when I wake up.

  • Sounds like your in the wars hun hope you get it delt with soon it must drive you nuts anyway healing hugs going your way, Ros xoxoxxoxox

  • Sorry you are feeling so unwell. Feel rather concerned about your post. Monday seems a long time, I know people use them too often but should you go to A&E, perhaps not at 11pm. All the best.

  • yes have been to A&E a couple of times in the past with genuine cause yet they still couldnt come to a conclusion saying all scans etc are normal despite pain I was A&E dr did a thorough investigation saying we will get to the bottom of your problems which involved a whole day at the hospital and more and another sent me away with pain relief meds.i am not prejudiced but it angers me when alcoholics take up beds and resources in A&E when they are brought in by ambulance cos they have drink related issues.

  • I know about drink related problems but must not forget that alcoholism is an illness as well and that the people who suffer from it did not chose the condition. I think this is different from binge drinking at the weekend. Hope you get your answers soon. Hugs.

  • hi Betty67.i shouldn't have said alcoholics -meant weekend binge drinkers.i knd of disagree in a way-it maybe considered an illness but it is something people inflict on themselves-same as drugs??we have fibromyalgia/lupus etc and these are inflicted on us .the DWP actually give money to them which is like fuelling their habit where

    as this money could be put to better use to curing them ??just my view .

  • Lets agree to disagree, but I saw a programme where they should that people with addictive personalities have there brains wire differently. i did work with anorexics and "people" said they should just eat more.

  • Sending you lots of get well hugs, hope you find some answers xx

  • thank you Angiedeaks.

  • I don't know if its related at all, and I know you have gastro problems that don't help your appetite, but since I started taking Tramadol on a regular basis my appetite is next to nothing and live on just 2 bananas a day or a couple of pieces of toast! Just thought I'd put it out there to see if it's quite common??... Good luck with the Dr on Mon my fibro friend!... Much love...

  • thank you.i have complained to my gp(and rheumy) since 2011 about my appetite btu it falls on deaf ears.have togo dog crying to go out .come backlater

  • So sorry for all you are going through. You may have Fibro, but other issues as well. Sounds like you have some of the symptoms of it but others that you don't. Some doctor's want a catch all diagnose instead of looking at the whole picture. You can have more than one diagnose, Fibro causes so many symptoms but it's also linked to other diseases. So your doctor should listen to you or maybe it's time to look for a better doctor. One who doesn't have tunnel vision. Hoping you get some answers soon and some help with the pain and symptoms sweetheart!!!! xxxx Mitzi

  • thank you mitzi.will let everyone know how tomorrow goes.hope he will AT LAST listen to me.

  • Hi, So sorry to hear the pain and desperation in your posts. Agreed it is so difficult to maintain hope in the face of no satisfying progress with your doctors. Hopefully your pictures will give you some additional ammunition to provide more evidence that this may not be all fibro related and will provoke more testing for you so that at least they can either rule out or refer you out to additional specialists. I have two dogs myself and they are constant comfort to me on my lowest days. My prayers for you that you get some comfort and and some answers on Monday and please keep us posted. XOOOOOOX Barb

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