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not sure where to go

woken at bang on 6 by one dog crying and one pawing me.not get a lot of sleep cos at 11pm last night just got into bed and dog wanted to go let him out in the front garden only fro him to start barking at something.then my other dog joined in so went to see what the commotion was all about thinking it was a cat-my "cat" turned out to be a large hedgehog curled up under a bush.dragged both dogs in fro fear of waking the neighbours.woke with chronic pelvic pain and altho took dogs out it was a long painfully slow walk and not far.i will try and call gp at 8 when they open if I can get thru if not a trip to A&E?should i persist with my gp or go to A&E.i dont want to have to go to A&E but if I cant get an appt or he refuses to listen to me take me seriously then have no choice.could not face breakfast today and know i wont be hungry enough to want to eat a dinner.feeling very tired and weak

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Hunni I no how you feel I would go A and E cos if your doctor haven't got patience to listen to you then he shouldn't be a doctor so it might be good to change gp


thanks .for advice.pain just doesn't go away and him saying he ll speak to gynae is not good enough.already asked for him to refer me.the time it s taking him I could have had an appointment and got things sorted.why wait till hes at the surgery when he can contact him anytime.just being deliberately stubborn?mybrother came round as he was in town and both dogs panicked when i got up to go out and came running to the door and when we got home they were lying about looking "concerned" and wanting attention.


Hi anbuma

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling under the weather at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you can get some rest and feel better soon.

Take care

Ken x


thanks Ken.feeling better today cos the sun has been shining btu that doesn't take away the two minds what to do.wait to see gp on 21st or go to A&E which will probably get his goat up(if that's the right expression),went out this morning and both dogs ran to the door and looked at me pleadingly ,begging me not to leave Annie has been cuddling up to me all day,they know something is seriously wrong but cant convince my gp.


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