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Tramadol upgraded in drugs list so no longer available on repeat prescription

Has anyone else heard of this, I went to chemist today to pick up repeat prescriptions but was told I couldn't have tramadol. The prescriptions are electronically sent from GP, and according to chemist I now have to see GP every month for them. Has anyone else experienced this? Luckily I have an apt on Mon so will see what GP says

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Hi Tramadol classification was discussed here hope this helps


Yes, I'd heard recently (maybe though work with the NHS) about this, such a faff if you need them regularly. I suppose it's to monitor the usage more closely. x


Thanks for replies, I hadn't seen that Ian 123, but have now read it , it does explain it



Tramadol is now a controlled drug, which means that doctor

Has to print the prescription and write It as well

In a hospital It would go into a special book. And counted after each

Dose given then signed.

I still get my tramadol, but I renew it each month.



Hi jayfer

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? As Ian123 says, we did have a previous post relating to this, and I think it was about June 10th when they stopped being available on repeat prescription. I genuinely hope that you manage to get yours from your GP when you see them on Monday?

All my hopes and dreams for you



Yes I was told this at my last GP appointment. He told me that Tramadol is now a controlled drug so I will need to go to GP for appointment every month. Its a bit of a pain and must increase GP workload a bit more but as Sunnygirl said maybe they need to monitor usage more closely.


Thank you all for replying. It just seems a waste of a GP apt. I feel bad when I book every 2 mth for plaquenil prescription , now it will be every month, and appts are not easy if you need to see a particular GP :(


I don't go to my GP every month, I just put in a repeat

It only means that the GP has to print and hand write them

Although it's controlled it's not the same as morphine ,

Just an example.

It's because GPs were giving out a lot of Tramadol and

People were getting addicted instead of giving patients

Other medications first, the drug addicts will break open

Tramadol or crush and sniff them and get high.

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Hi jayfer :)

This is a discussion that has come up a few times and Ian has given you a link to one of them. Repeat scripts are not an issue but how it is prescribed if you get your prescriptions electronically as the sytem does not yet support the changes recently made to the Drugs and Misuse Act and it won't be possible to do so until 2016 hence the reason why they have to be written prescriptions .

I have posted the following link on a prior post. It is an article from PULSE magazine discussing the tighter control measures that GP's will have to follow regarding Tramadol and Temazepam.

Hope this helps and sending healing fluffies and smiles to you

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Yes my partner couldn't get his either they told him they are now a controlled drug so he had to make another doctors appointment and then they prescribed them again???


It appears different surgeries have different ways of dealing with this, I will find out at my apt on Monday- thank you all for replies x


This is unhelpful for those of who regularly need tramadol. My gp did not tell me this, we simply noticed that electronic prescriptions (that they pushed for) were regularly being rejected in favor of collecting a hard copy. 

I would've thought that electronic transmission of scripts is more secure than a printed copy that can be forged/tampered with? 



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