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Am I entitled to any help with bills etc if I lose my job through FM?

Hi, I am battling to keep my job at the moment and may have to reduce my hours. However, as with everyone else, I need to keep a certain level of income coming in. Does anyone know what I can claim for?

My husband is bringing in a good wage which was just above the level for getting help with our daughters university fees a few years ago. He pays for the mortgage and the bills but I have the loan and paying off some furniture too to cover. I know we are not poor, but our debts take up any free money. I have DLA mobility, which pays for my mobility scooter and a couple of taxis - my only independant means. Should I lose my job I was wondering whether I could get any help? I mean, who would want to employ someone in their 50's who has FM?

Thank you for your help.

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I have list my career through fibro, I'm a lone parent . I received no help at all only housing benifit and they wouldn't give me any DWP sick pay as they said I had too much money coming in already with working tax credits . I finally went back to work doing a home help job, not working in the health system as a support worker anymore . Doing a low paid home help now and bearly holding into that . I'm pretty ill still but at least am home not in hospital . I'm trying to look on the brighter side of everything because I was shocked at how the DWP tret me, at a time when I could bearly think. I used to be a high earner . Now I can't afford to have my heating on. My daughter can't get over how things have changed here. I've bills coming in . Had to cancel my landline phone Internet ect. All because of this condition. DWP never offered me a bean. X


I can sympathise with you, I dont have the heating or hot water on as I cannot afford it, I just wear extra clothes and have a cover over my legs, but I dont have young children living with me,so it must be very difficult for you. Its is terrible when you have worked and due to ill health you now have to depend on very little benefits.I cannot understand how the government expect people to survive.


applying for something definate will enable you to apply for either a crisis loan, community care grant (orother type funding)from Gov. criteria is available online.

Perhaps get a meeting with Citizens advice beaurau (excuse spelling) C.A.B.

Money matters at your local council may be able to advise.

Hope this may help. : )


Hi sarah Jane

Are you my mate at RSCH?

I think you might be?

Let me know as I have news later on as I'm visiting the job centre again.

I'm Lucy from Hove!


I also lost my job with a good wage and have to now depend on benefits. The only help I get is with housing benefit.I get ESA WRAG ( but appealing) and I get DLA. You cannot claim community care grant if you get IB or ESA WRAG, as I have tried. I ended up homeless due to domestic abuse and tried to claim the community care grant as I only had the clothes I was wearing,but I was not entitled to anything as I was on Incapacity benefit. BUT. you can claim it if you are just out of prison!!!!! So if you have worked most of your life you dont get any help but if you have been in prison hey you will get all the help going. I think any-one can claim a crisis loan but you have to pay it back. I managed to get a private rented flat but it was unfurnished so I had to depend on charity shops, friends and the free site on gumtree. I wish you good luck..


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