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Hi does any one suffer with lower back pain and rib pain when they lay down . The back pain comes and goes throughout the day

The rib pain only happens at night but sometimes early in the morning . I have to get up take some deep breaths and do some stretching. It sometimes wakes me up . My ribs get so tight I feel I can not breath , it feels like someone has been laying on me all night . Does that sound crazy ?its been happening for a week now x please help , I was doing so we'll love to all

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Morning and snap I am exactly the sae cannot do the stretches or catch my breadth.

I went to the out of hours Doctor yesterday and it is the muscles which are in flamed and catching on nerves from my back that is the sever pain that males you gasp. I have a very bad back with a whole section that has protruding discs and things.

The answer was much as expected rest keep still and pain killers no for me that is a problem My meds are already very very strong so we added in IBRUPROFEN 400mg tablets

Has it helped well a tiny bit just have to do nothing till it settles.



Ooh, that's me too, but had no idea what it was other than sore :) my lower back is just permantley sore at varying degrees xx


Hi Huskybike, I have been feeling the same but also have been coughing up phlegm. I went to my gp about it. She thinks that I have a chest infection and has given me antibiotics and steroids, & I'm to go back next week if I'm no better. Don't know if you have chesty cough too? Might be worth you having your gp have a look, see if there's anything there? Good luck, Julie xx


Not coughing much but a bit at night x


Hi Huskybike

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way, and I want you to know that you are not alone as many members have said that they have this horrid pain also! When it happens to me I use a truss to hold in the area as I cannot stretch like that as it makes it worse for me.

I went and discussed it with my GP several months ago and she said that my stomach was coming apart, (which is really a ladies thing after having babies!), so she recommended a truss. As for the babies, well I am a liberal kind of guy but I do not think I will ever have any personally?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this horrid pain.

Ken x

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You definately aren't on your own with this alot of us have the same problem. I was diagnosed with costo-chondiritis which is inflamation of the rib cage and sometimes even small breaths seem to be splitting my rib cage apart and I can't wear any tight clothing around that area as it is so sore and sensitive. I too find that I am often uncomfortable in bed around my lower back and rib cage area and often end up with pillows all around me so I don;t turn over onto the most painful areas. Like you I also have to do gentle stretching exercises first thing to get everything going again.


Hi rosewine, can I ask how you were diagnosed and what treatment you get for costo chonditis? If my pains don't settle aeter these anti biotics and steroids, I have to go back to my gp. I would like to know what to ask for, thanks, Julie xx


Hi Julie

My GP diagnosed it. I had had it previously twice but each time it only lasted approximately two weeks and went away with complete rest, anti inflamatories and painkillers but this time it never went. I was given Pregablin (sometimes called Lyrica) felt very spaced out for the first couple of weeks but was so desperate for the pain to go away that I stuck with it, the doctor then slowly increased the dose, I was also give co-codamal 30/500mg. I wish I could say it went away but it did get much better but I have to be careful that I don;t do certain movements or lift anything heavy and I can't wear bras or tight clothing in that area. I was given a mammogram to make sure there was nothing wrong with my breats, they did find a cyst which explained why I had had a particular area of soreness. I also had an MRI which showed degeneration of the spine which also explained alot of my back pain. When I have a bad flare of it, usually if I have been doing too much or are generally under the weather I find an Epson salt bath good.


Hello rosewine just been to osteopath he said I do have costo chondrites , so had some treatment now feeling good and resting for a bit, at least I know it's not serious even though it hurts like hell thanks for your help . X


Hi Huskybike Glad that you have got your diagnosis and glad to be of help. Hope whatever the osteo did carries on helping. I would say big hugs but I know that would hurt!x


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