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Silly really but helped my husband to decorate our bedroom over the weekend and today i am suffering ,!!the pain in my neck is so horrendous

and i can't get warm freezing cold one minute and then having a hot flush, i take 2x zapain but don't normally drive on it (500MG PARACETAMOL AND 30MG CODEINE)I took the Zapain in the early hours of the morning but hasn't touched it .Any other meds anyone can suggest ?? i am at work at the moment but will be going home as every bone in my body is hurting.Can i take Zapain now and drive with it .?????

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Hi juliao

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this problem. I have pasted you a link to a previous post on the forum relating to Zapain, So I hope that you find this useful:

I was wondering what country you were in, as in the UK zapain is known as Co-Codamol. I have pasted you the NHS Choices link to this below, I genuinely hope that you find the link useful:

According to the instructions for this drug, you should never take a dose within 4 hours of the previous dose, so I hope that this helps you somewhat? If this is not sufficient for your pain needs, it may well be worth discussing with your GP about some extra medications. I have pasted below the link for FibroAction's page on Fibro treatments, it may give you some idea of what to discuss with your GP?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I get my Co codamol 30 come in a Zapain box sometimes and I am in UK? We are all so different when we take drugs I am maxing at the moment as I am in pain (8 a day)

I do find that in my case once I take 2 approx 30 mins later I have a sudden rush come over me and then I am fine to do anything including driving.

I had a long spell in hospital some years back and they gave me morphine but it made little difference to me in any way. It got to a point my consultant bought trainee doctors to ask me question about my conditions etc. Then hit them with "how much morphine do you think this man has had?" They all got got it very wrong. I have woke up in theater twice which surprised them more than me.


Sweetheart I went to a pain clinic and was put on Opana ER and it has made my life bearable. I hope you get something to help relief your suffering!!! xxx Mitzi


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