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Nhs survey in local town

Good morning everyone...firstly I would like to thank everyone who gave my son kalam support and advice on here a few weeks ago... my husband took me to town and someone was there doing a survey. After answering a few questions she then said doctors are diagnosing a lot of people with something called fibromyalgia and if you havent heard of it its an American posh word for lazy b*****d.!!!! Well even though I was in my wheelchair boy did I give her some stick.I Took her name and the company she was doing the survey for and my husband is in the process of writting to them....why are people so ignorant..!!

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How rude of her! It really makes my blood boil. Your son is clearly amazing to come here and ask for support and ways to help you, I'm sure you're very proud of him. I hope you are feeling well today I get so frustrated by the up and down nature of fibro at times.


Hi debs76

I am so sorry to read that you have been forced to endure such nonsense, and I genuinely hope that you can forget what this ignorant person has said to you. So please do not let it upset you as people like this are not worth the effort!

However, I am so sorry to ask you this, but can you please amend your post as it does have a swear word in it and there is a zero tolerance of foul language on the forum. If you click on the edit button and add some asterisk's so it reads as follows please: 'American posh word for lazy b*****d!!!'

I am really sorry to ask you to do this as I can see that you are very upset by your ordeal., so thank you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hi...I apologise for the swear word...I was just saying it how she said to me... I know from now on to use * thank you ken.x


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