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Could all this pain, fatigue, sore itchy skin and mouth ulcers. Red, itchy rash on my chest and arms, hair loss, be caused by Fibro orLupas?

I have been diagnosed as having fibro and osteoarthritis also signs of healed inflammatory arthritis in my spine.

I feel awful at the moment. My arms started to peel in the summer which I thought was sunburn but its no better and patches of my chest and arms look like white scales

Now I have very sore and itchy arms, which the thin top layer of skin peels offa long with the hair on my arms the new skin is also dry and looks like a red rash in a v shape. my eyes itch and look as if I've been crying and I have lots of migraines . My mouth is burning and gets very dry, my joints are hurting. My right hand is the worse one and the joints especially on the right hand little finger which is very big and looks. I also have fatigue and get so tired. My GP is good and she has sent me to the rheumatology and scans several times and I feel it must be in my imagination, I don't want to have to go back as I only went lst Monday and I seem to be going every couple of weeks!

Thank you for listening and sorry to moan on so much!

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Hi Woodbon, you might as well be talking about me!!! I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis for fifteen years and was then. Told it had burnt itself out and I know had reactionary inflammatory arthritis, osteoarthritis and fybro. I get very dry skin eyes and mouth and hot itchy skin, fatigue and awful joint and muscle pain. I am fed up of going back and fro to the Dr all the time with different things and have now decided just to accept what I have and to live each day and just get on with it. I think a lot with fybro is acceptance, good luck Jess



Hi Jess, thanks for your reply.I love your attitude, its very brave and very healthy. I'm going to try and be like that, acceptance is less tiring than fighting especially on the bad days we all get with Fibro etc. Today, I felt so low when I got up and everything was hurting I felt their must be something else, something I could have treatment for. Silly, I know. But I hate giving up some of the things I used to do and breaking plates and cups because I can't hold them or my wrist gives way. I feel a better now than I did this morning. I will try and take each day as it comes, not worry about having a label hung on me, as that won't stop the pain! I can do it sometimes, but I'm sorry I felt so fed up this morning. I'll stop now because I am rambling on a bit! I;m glad I;m not alone, well, I know I'm not, but sometimes it feels that way. Thank you. Sue xx

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Your'e welcome Sue, I don't know if you have heard of the Serenity prayer but I find it very helpful: I have it as my screensaver.

Grant me the SERENITY to accept the things I cannot change,

The COURAGE to change the things I can,

and the WISDOM to know the difference.


Hiya Woodbon ive dropped many cups plates so i now have childrens plastic ones they dont weigh much and are easier to hold as not as heavy when got food on hope this helps a little xx


I know its probably fibro, just wish it would go! I am under a lot of stress at the moment, trying to deal with my niece, who is very disabled and going through a divorce and I have Power of attorney to look after all her financial affairs, which are complicated and all very sad. This is not helped by living about 150 miles away! Stress seems to give me a flare and make me feel so unable to cope with anything. Also it effects my eyes and as its a lovely sunny day here I'd like to be happy and enjoy it but the bright light makes me want to shut my eyes.and I'm itching again! Think I must have fleas!!!

At least I haven't lost my sense of humour so it can't be that bad!


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