New Pets Corner

New Pets Corner

Hi my name is Roxie I'm a little Jack Russell who is two years old. I get up to all sorts of things like chasing fish in my masters pond, any reflection that moves, chasing shadows of birds flying by and a bright light from my masters torch. I also like to go under the duvet in the morning before my master get's up, I also go back there after I've had my breakfast and before I put my nose out of the back door to see what the weather is like.

I also like to cuddle up on the sofa next to my misses and sometimes push her out of the way for the warm spot, I'm very friendly and can jump quite high. I bark at the TV when Countryfile is in on when all the animals are on but cannot understand when they walk off the screen and don't come out the other side, guess I haven't be told about this by my master, or I'm just a crazy mixed up pouch.

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  • ?Hello Roxie you are a charmer I bet you like playing catch! How about Rabbits do you like them I had a Jack Russel called Monty he used to get very excited when I said Hat which meantt collar and a walk or Rabbit which ment long walk.

    I have a dog called Sussie she says Hello :) She is a Labrador she sends a kiss

  • Hi gins, thanks you for the kiss and your kind words, she likes playing catch but will not let me have the ball back and teases me with it by giving it to me in her mouth then turns away. She does have a stuffing less cloth ferrett (she's shook all the stuffing out of it), it's called her "Fluff" so if you say to her "Where's your fluff" she runs off, finds it and then sit's by you and puts her paw up to play tag she also does a High Five :) We have to employ a dog walker twice a week to take her out as my legs do not allow me to walk far, but we play with her in the garden so she get's plenty of exercise. Roxie sends a wet nose back to Sussie.

  • Whippet sends a woof of greeting. He agrees that a cuddle first thing in the morning makes the world go around. In fact he woofs at 5.00am so he can be carried upstairs for a snuggle before the day starts. He is very old and wobbly and his favourite hobby is raiding the kitchen bin when his servants forget to secure it. Better still he loves christmas because people leave presents under the tree. He always knows which ones contain chocolates even if they don't.

  • Hi blokie

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today?

    Just wanted to that your dog is beautiful.

    Take care


  • dogs are wonderful, all breeds. we have a jack x Labrador dottie who lives up to her name! lol and cookie a yorkie x jack whos scruffy and bit me I guess! hee hee. x

  • I have a hamster called cookie. Does that count?

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