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Thanks for helpful suggestions about my hair

Thanks to everyone who gave me helpful suggestions and sorry I don't have the energy to reply to you all personally. I want to look good for my son's wedding so am going to try a little longer to see if it will start to look better. Today I look as if I have been dragged through a hedge!! Dry shampoo probably won't work as my hair sticks up all over the pace so still needs washing each day. Managed to buy a cheap extra light drier and am going to look into getting a stand for it.

My shoulder problems are mostly due to supposedly straightforward surgery to trim the bone but neither is right so I have to think carefully before I do anything; I miss my cross stitching because it's too painful to grip the needle but am doing some tapestry. Working on a scene of Lynmouth at the moment. We go down there each year as it is such a special place.

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Gentle hugs. I hope the pain eases soon for you.




Hi panda60

I am sticking to what I previously said to you:

'No matter what you have done with your hair, I am certain that you will look amazing and beautiful.'

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


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