Wombling Along

Wombling Along

This week I have been given a foot warmer and massager jobbie a coupon for money off which I immediately give to George for his mum. Some freshly laid eggs, a flea that quickly gets dispatched, a bit of a shock when I look down to find a live chicken in a box at my feet in the kitchen. Coffee and cake along with inspiration for jazzing up a window box with golden thyme an invitation to lunch, the promise of grandchildren coming over latter. And now a book of postage stamps has just fallen out of a card that Mr Postie has delivered containing the words "Be the change that you want to see in the world". So my mission for the week is to litter pick by the swings it will take all week given the litter and the sodding shoulder. Only small I know but you have to start somewhere. And it's only Tuesday.

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  • Bless you Nedd :) so little can make such a big change I wish you well in your endeavour my friend :) :) :)

    Was the cake nice? hmnnnn yummyness?

    I call my OH a Magpie because he picks things up as he walks, he's also a Newcastle supporter so the name fits doubly!! Though womble would be more appropriate at times :o especially when you see what he brings back!! LOL The things people leave behind........... no for the refuse men :( He's into recycling :D

  • Hi Nedd, thank you for this, your way of writing always brings a smile to my face and I applaud you for your litter picking efforts, I'm the same, if I see it I have to pick it up - I can't understand how people can just chuck litter about - I hate it !! Hope you enjoy the lunch and seeing the grandchildren, it's odd but I had you as a very young person, maybe it's your lively sense of humour :-)

    Foggy x

  • Think I could be Great Uncle Bulgaria then. . . I used to live by Wimbledon Common

    Underground overground wobbling free . . .

    I'm a local freelance litter picker too. Keeps me off the streets. . . oh, actually it doesn't :P

  • I can just picture it :D

  • Hehehehe how are you today, flower?

  • Still fighting the good fight, and trying to biff it on the head :o it seems to be winning at the movement though :o

    Foggy x

  • Awww. Gentle hugs and good vibes on the way. It's time I posted another piccie :P

  • I'm with Foggy I can also picture it :D

  • Hi gang I started doing the odd litter pick when I happened to walk past the bus shelter. I was shocked by the rubbish inside.

    Given some of it must have been my sons and him a brought up by a good member of the community wot always binned and never sinned I felt honour bound to do a weekly clean up. It alerted me to the state of the nations highways and byways. It has become a bit of a crusade, the kids as school when I pointed some out just thought it looked pretty. I laughed before I wept.

    Am very impressed with your Magpie I have never found anything worthy of recycling. The cake was chocolate the chicken supposedly on her last legs and the children fun but knackering. I am still the teenager I was but the body refuses to present itself accordingly.

    Wobble on Uncle Bulgaria and hope you are gaining ground on the good fight Foggy.

    Checking in here keeps me cheerful, thanks for all your fun and frolics.

    Ned ready for bed


  • My local wildlife trust gave me litter picker.. I patrol 5 miles or so from city centre. I'm lucky it is better than a lot of similar areas. I've met 4 groups including a solo elderly man who doesn't like praise. Also the local public school has a volunteer group - amazing. Restores one's faith in human nature.

    Yoicks, I've just been serious. The cats must have got to me.

    HHHEEEEEEEEElllpppp p p p p (fades into far distance.)

  • Hi nedd

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? Thank you so much for sharing this with us all, it is really good!

    I agree with you, you may start small but if everybody does just one thing then a lot will be achieved by all.

    Take care


  • How marvelous I cannot wait for Wednesday it will be so full of wonders for us all to delight in!!

    Womberling High there weren't any Magic mushrooms were there? I believe they are very good in cakes!

    Any way it sounds promising we need the delight of a wanderer!!

    Take care I may be joining your I have a litter grabber :D

    smiling ginx

  • I too have a litter grabber awarded by the parish council. No magic mushrooms but am hoping to come across local lads and sharing a puff of other stuff.

    Hi Ken hope all is well with you. One small step in font of the other brother,

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