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Raynaulds & Fibro just do not 'mix'!

Raynaulds & Fibro just do not 'mix'!

Hi everybody, I seek a bit of advice/knowledge, on Raynaulds that just does not get on at all with FM.

I have been informed by the pain clinic, that I have got to have a right stellate ganglion block injection (phew-try saying that in one sentance with FM?) to see if the sympathectomies (more big words) that I had donkey years ago are actually working.

Has anybody actually had this procedure, as I have gone on line and it is not good reading, so I am a little , ok a lot concerned?

I have had the Raynaulds at the worst end of the scale all my life, the FM making it a whole lot worse of course and the weather does not help. But I am the wrong side of 21 now and I cannot see why now the concern to check on the Raynaulds after a lifetime of suffering.

Any advice would be much appreciated, to assist me in deciding the best course.

Thanks in anticipation ( I think)


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Hi John, ouch that looks very uncomfortable , poor you ! I too suffer with raynauds , but clearly not to the extent you do and I haven't heard of the procedure you mention but if it does really help! then it may be worth going through with it! I was very worried about going through with a shoulder replacement but it has been brilliant in the end.

I think what you have to do is perhaps make a list of all the positives and then the negatives and see which is the better course to take. Also if anyone here has had experience, then hopefully that could useful.

Wishing you the very best and sending lots of positive vibes your way :-)

Foggy x


Hi, thanks for replying it is appreciated. Feel alone in this very much unreconised world of FM and all that goes with it , plus of course the raynaulds. I seem to have developed into a hermit with absolutely no friends at all and from being a highly active/social person, to a person with a whole magnitude of aches and pains restricting everything I used to do to zero. Lifes a bxxxh at times! Can' t think of any positives at the moment as my life is just crap and I certainly can do without big needles thrust into my neck that is documented as being painful! As you are I'm sure aware, FM sufferers just cannot stand pain--I certainly can't and I have got a high pain threshold! So not good.

Guess I must of been a right villian in a previous life, to have the suffering of the consquenses of it now. But as I am sure a lot of sufferers ask--why me?

Just know that since getting the FM it has completely changed me as a person--and I cannot help it. But its swell to know that I still have got some contact with the outside world in fellow sufferers, who can 'compare notes' so to speak.



Hi Jo-lyn

I sincerely hope that you are as well as can be? I am very sorry to read of your problem at this time and I sincerely hope that your treatment can alleviate the problem.

I have never undergone anything like this personally but I wanted to wish you all the best with your treatment.

All my hopes and dreams for you.



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