Does anyone get this?

I have a feeling of a small electric buzzing going on through my body. Does anyone else get this? What is it?

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  • Take your finger out of the light socket!!!! Only joking so don't be offended, all joking aside this is my 14th year of having fibro and I have what you describe for the past 6 years,it feels like it is on a loop and as you say feels like it is a buzzing feeling, it does it all the time day and night, I thought it was just a weird thing only I had ,so it may in fact something to do with fibro

  • Ha!! Not offended at all! This has just started in the past week or so. Have you asked your doctor about it? It's really annoying and having tinnitus as well, I could scream at times.

  • Hi freya, I understand this feeling as I do get it, but not all the time, together with intense itching, which I know ej has too. Having spoken with my doctor about it he thought that it is probably a nerve problem, with the nerve endings being what he called "over excitable". I don't know if that makes any sense to either you or ej, but there doesn't seem to be anything that effectively stops it, I am just sorry that both of you have it all the time, I would go nuts if it were a constant for me.

    Foggy x

  • Hi

    Every now and again I get this buzzing type spasm in the very lower back which spreads outwards through my legs, hips and torso. It is usually quite sharp when it hits as well making me jerk, which is never good............... shaking my head at the HMS :o

    Often I will then get spasms in my legs for a few days. I usually apply the pain gel to my lower back which helps a lot. Up until recently I had been using an Ibuprofen based gel but now I have voltarol.

    Also, I was put on Pregabalin by the neuro team because of this to help reduce the pain receptor overload that causes the spasms to begin with. It has worked for me, yes I still get spasms but no where near as bad as before.

    Hope this helps a little and sending you pain busting fluffies to help ease the pain

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thank you all. I am glad it's not just me!! I think I will say to my gp next time I see him. I tend to jerk as well, so I think it could be linked to fibro. All I can say is, whats next! Lol

  • Hi Freya, yes I get that and was told it was caused my the nerve endings, which is part of fibro symptons isn't it....fibro affect ligaments, tendons, muscles, and nerve endings, I hate it, sometimes it feels like electric shocks just like those you get when you touch one of those shopping trolleys or anything made of that material,weird isn't it,I don't think there's a part of our body that fibro doesnt affect,it's a bummer isn't it....hugs ..Dee x

  • I find that the jerking I get is mainly from the stomach. I have had that for ages. I think we should have an experienced check list, just to see how many fibromyalgia sufferers have these "add-ons" to our usual painful experiences and give to the GPS out there to tell them that it's not just you, but other people experience the things!

  • I also spasm from the chest mainly in bed, strong enough to lift me off the bed, plus I get restless legs I cant control, so between my legs shooting all over the place and me levitating off the bed, my hubby reckons its like going to bed with the Alien!!!!

  • Strange as it sounds I fizz all over when the weather turns stormy x

  • But that's exactly what it's like! The only difference is, I get it whether it's stormy or a glorious day! X

  • must ve the electricity in the storm!!:)

  • if you put your fingers in a cup, does the water boil? :P :P

    Seriously ,no but I think it may be linked to the same nerve phenomena as tinnitus, and same question as you asked, have you seen GP about it? Especially if it's new.

  • Wow! Just read this message and I can deffo relate. Last week I had a feeling of electric shocks in my right wrist running into my thumb! Similar to touching the wire fencing that keeps animals in the fields! Not painful but very strange.

  • Hi freya19

    I sincerely hope that you are as well as can be? It is really funny that you should ask this as I have noticed like a static charge every so often when I touch things. My wife says that she has never felt it but the other day I did when I was going to wash her hair! Really bizarre!Do you mean something like this?

    I sincerely hope that you can find a solution to your problem

    Ken x

  • Hi Freya I get a lot of shocks off people metal things cars clothes even my cats! I've also had like a light vibration thing going on told my doc but he just looked at me a bit strange so didn't mention it again lol don't know what it is tho sorry x

  • I get it when I'm having a flare up and not lifting me feet x

  • I never thought any thing of it but i have always had shocks of weird things, cats, metal door frames, filing cabinets even off one of one of those old record players that had a wooden frame. But the best was when I worked at a laundry. when It needed 2 of us to fold things I was often told to earth myself so that they didn`t get shocks off ME, apparently all my hair would stand on end and that was the signal not to touch me until I gave myself a shock by touching some thing metal and yes, ....Fenbadger and Sandra.. :) .I have heard all the jokes about being a shocking person.....I now get mild vibrations low down in my pelvis, Like a phone vibrating It`s very irritating sue x

  • The feeling that I have is not like electric shocks, but it is through my body and it is like a constant buzz but very low. It isn't painful, you know that it's there and I find it uncomfortable. It is so hard to explain. I can't get to my gp until next week, so I will grin and bare it till then.

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