Turn Over

Turn Over

Hi gang

Hope you have all turned over the calendar or you will be sure to miss uncle Jacks birthday tomorrow.

Choosing a new Callander has become a bit of a ritual. Hours are spent trawling though various shops. I do a reccie and then swoop on the the Callander of my choice in the new year sales. I refuse to pay full price even for the most tempting. Last year I flunked out and was fed up with Charlie and Lolla by the end of February. But most years the art work gives me hours of pleasure. This years is a Carl Larsson cheer me upper. I have motivational quotes copied year to year as well. It really is the little things that make life worth living don't you find. And certainly not letting the buggers get you.

However I do wish I could intimidate the pain into an inferior position. I am obviously not big enough. I want to be top dog for once.

This months quote is above as it refuses to be pasted where I want. Failed again then.

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  • No, no, no, nedd, you haven't failed at all !! I think what you posted is very motivational , so you can certainly qualify as top dog on this occasion !! :-) :D

    Your comments either make me laugh when you are being funny or give me a lift when you are giving good serious comment !! :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Be nice to have the upper hand over the sodding pain. I do just about have the upper hand over whippet who does not chase his tail but is very short plank too.

    I used love Doctor Who but it terrified me when I was a kid.The music still sends shivers up my spine. Very clever that music. Here's to the good old radio phonic workshop.

  • I could do with a pain intimidating dog instead I have got stupid. The only dog I know that chases its tail when lying on her back, whats more she often catches it and makes herself yelp. Like I said ,stupid, she even answeres to stupid

  • Hi nedd

    Please believe me when I say this but there is no way that you are any kind of failure, I think that you are a wonderful and motivational human being, keep up the good work.

    I did forget to turn the page on my Dr Who calender, just done it and I am now on Patrick Troughton with some Daleks.

    Take care my friend


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