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morning all I'm starting to wounder

if I have fibro well was told few years ago then read about adrenal fatigue cut long story short had adrenals tested at hospital they gave me something an injection before hand every few hours but can't remember wot it was so embaressing to ask anyway since that day I fill much better more energy she said I will fill better but not for long a month later still fill go so I rang the hospital and told her an she said my have had a sluggish adrenals an it my have worked as some people have this and my fatiuge has almost gone but a big but still hurts to walk long distance hips an so on temperature still mestup or is it possible to have fibro without m.e cos I fill so much better not sure wots happens has any one els gone throu this .

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Hi csav73

I have not been through this but I just wanted to say to you that you should never feel embarrassed to ask these things as if it works I would be shouting from the rooftops to find out what it was. I sincerely hope that you can find out and have it done again.

Take care



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