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I know I am always asking for advice on here - fatigue .............. I know there are consultants that deal with this .... does anyone know the best person to see in the Bristol area ?

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Hi Steve I to am from south Bristol/Ashton.... I'm off to the chronic fatigue clinic next week at Frenchy hospital... I was referred by my drs malago...... Where are you x x



I am in Nailsea - but I will mention Frenchay!




1. That's the point of this site, to ask and share information and support so don't worry.

2. I'm told you are able to choose who you get referred to so do ask your GP. They go for the one they know. So Frenchay should not be a problem :)



I was diagnosed by a Dr Bhalla at the bath clinic, who referred me to hydrotherapy at bath hospital, where the physios also run a group for people with fibro and fatigue conditions. I used to live in the Bristol chew valley area.

The area I live now is not so up on the condition or support like was available near Bristol. Sometimes it's hard just finding out exactly what is available, so hope this helps you.


I suffered with fibromyalgia for about 10 years, often feeling tired/exhasted but about 2 years ago I realized this was getting much worse. It was a 'bone' tiredness, an exhaustion I could not describe, my body felt like a ton weight. The gp told me that I had cfs which many fibro patients did suffer from. He told me to pace myself which I had been doing for 12 years anyway, he suggested a group called Living with long term illness but could not really help much otherwise. I lived in Bristol 12 years ago and found services there very good and I think a group would be good for you - ask you gp to refer you. Maybe there is little that can be done medically but just being with people who understand (that don't look at you as if you are just lazy) is a great support and you learn from each other. Also look for a local online support group for fibro or cfs, we have a support group here and it's wonderful to 'rant', offer support, etc on the fb page and we meet up when we can. My cfs now is not a permanent case but 'happens' for a few weeks now and then, often for no reason I can fathom. Do not dispair, you can get it somewhat under control so good luck to you.


Wow I did not even know these services exist. I live near Newbury and keep telling people that I only have so much energy- it runs out at work and then the res of my life is nonexistent. My sleep is rubbish and when I wake I just want more no matter if it been a long time in bed or not. So thanks for raising my awareness xxx good luck xxx


Being fatigued isn't just a result of Fibro or CFS, if you aren't sleeping well, its also possible that you may have obstructuve sleep apnoea which stops you from getting a good nights. It is also worth considering a referral to a sleep Clinic.

I do have OSA very severely, but i have know of other patients that also have Fibro and they have found from using a CPAP machine to sleep with, it not only improved their sleep apnoea but also helped their Fibro.

Sadly for me, it hasnt improved my fatigue or pain, but I know I sleep more deeply now, so maybe one day things may improve.

But I do know first hand, other sleep apnoea patients who also have fibro and CFS, that have had improvement in their symptoms.

I dont think however there has been any research into the similarity of the conditions, but i think there should be.

I know over the time I have been on here there have been many members who have said they are CPAP users.... Please google any of the info as it may be of use to someone. There would be too much for me to write about it here xx


Hi there - yes of course - I feel like I am falling apart lol

I do have:





Low Vit D, Calcium, Folic Acid, Testosterone


Pituitary Microadenoma


Acid Reflux


Respiratory and Cardiac Problems

I unfortunately have too many things that make me fatigued and I guess the medication doesn't help either?

Many thanks for your reply



Yes fatigue is one of my worst symptoms and yet I'm too exhausted to go anywheer to get help for it (plus anxious and phobic) and not sure what they can do anyway for ot. I just know that I now need to sleep every day (in the day) whereas a couple of years ago it wasn't every day.


I had to rest in bed today due to chronic fatigue it doesn't give me a warning but my body says rest!!!!!!! GET FED UP!


I wish I was one of the lucky people that can have a nap ..... I am so tired, but when I lie down I can never switch off ...... It is so frustrating - as when you can't sleep I then panic and then I definitely will never sleep. Recently I seem to be going through 48 hours with no sleep ....

It's just an odd life at the moment !


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