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Has anyone used a Holistic Doctor for Fibro?

Hello everyone, I went to see a doctor that is a Chiropractor and Clinical Neurologist but he treats people in a Holistic way. He explained that he looks at the entire body not just the part that is causing someone pain. He says that the body all works together as a whole so he looks at everything. He explained it very well to me and it made a lot of sense. The only problem is the cost will come out of my pocket. Insurance does not pay for Holistic treatments. I've already seen all the usual doctors and I'm taking so many meds but I still have all the Fibro symptoms. So has anyone tried using a Holistic Doctor?

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I am seeing a homeopathic doctor sent by my gp on afvice of physio. I find the treatment suits me as it is not just meds, you have to do a lot yourself which ia how i like it.


Thanks for your input Shazzzy. The doctor I met with was talking about changing my diet and eliminate dairy and glutton. What is left ot eat except for raw fruits and vegetables?


Hello Mark5177,

You can use gluten free flour to make bread & cakes and I believe Soya milk will substitute cows milk. Some people find that a gluten free diet helps their fatigue others don't. You may consider trying it as it may help.

You might find that this poll of interest;

and the link about diet on our website

I hope this information is out interest

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


Thanks for the information Emma. I find it funny that I may have to learn how to cook. I have been a bachelor for many years. The closest I have come to baking is cookies. I can make grilled cheese, spaghetti, (with canned sauce) and grill chicken out on the grill. Now I have to bake my own bread. I'm sure I can find it at the health food store but I bet it's expensive. Guess I will have to make some changes in my life. I also love chocolate. How can I live without that? My father was the same way. Always had it in the house. I've tried the carob chocolate but nothing beats a good old fashion chocolate bar. Oh the horror.....


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