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Don't get on here often but I really need some advise. Saw my doc 6 weeks ago after liver scan and she said liver too fatty and blood count

High . So as I drank wine at weekends I cut down to 2or 3 glasses a week. On thurs went back and she said my liver test was far too high and to stop fmeds for my fibro pain and nothing with paracetamol and to sop lansoprazole. But to continue with levoyjroxine for under active gland. And citalpram and amitrytyline for depression and to of course not drink any alcohol . ( which is not a problem)and told me to take hot baths and massages for my fibromyalgia. Well today I can't even get out of bed let alone have a hot bath . I am in a terrible state hurt everywhere with fibro and feeling veery depresses . I have so much to do a wonderful husband and a lovely boy of 19 and lovely girl of 16 but what sort of wife mother am I always I'll and in bed. Sorry to all feeling very very low. And wish I could take something to ease my fibro . Thanks for reading x

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Hi Juliao, so sorry to hear you feel like this and are suffering with so much pain. Try not to beat yourself up about it though. We didn't ask for this fibro thing! My husband, who doesn't usually comment on my fibro (he prefers to pretend its not there) said to me at the weekend "how do you think me and Seb feel seeing you in pain so much?". I was refusing to go to the Dr as he doesn't really do much and sends me away with pills that I don't take. I don't spend a lot of time in bed as my son is only 6 so I have to get myself out of bed and get on with the day. You obviously have great support from your husband and children so don't feel guilty about something that you cannot change. We all have good days and bad days and your children are old enough to recognise this. I have to fake my life most of the time, at home and at work, pretending that I am ok when clearly I'm not. I think I've forgotton who I really am since having fibro. So really just to say that I am thinking of you and really hope that you start to pick up soon. Fairy hugs, Amanda x PS Enjoy your bath when you manage to get in it !! :)


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