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Unable To Sleep In The Day Any More

Hi, don't know if anyone has ever been unable to have their afternoon nap? Has it helped you sleep better at night if you didn't sleep in the day? I have been soo tired I have been trying to have a morning nap as well as my afternoon nap, as well as going to bed early & having a lie in! But, I just end up frustrated, unable to drop off. Then at night, I only get a half decent night's sleep after three or four nights of not sleeping.

I'm soo tired! I've done two jobs today - that was clean the sinks in the upstairs & downstairs loo, & that was because I couldn't stand looking at the gunk any longer - & the washing is piling up too. But I'm just too tired to crack on with any housework. :-(

Why can't I sleep in the day any more?!

Julie xxx (Yawn!!!!)

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Hi Julie

Sometimes sleep wins and there is nothing to do but relax and let it happen.. I am a believer in my afternoon restorative nap it helps me through the day and helps me at night though I only sleep between 11.00 and 3.00 but that is good :D You must just relax and hopefully your sleep will come practicing deep breathing will help well a gentle relaxing rhythm. Sleep well xgins


Thanks gins. Guess it's just a matter of giving it more time, it will happen eventually........ I'll just have to keep practising the breathing & relaxation techniques I learnt at my fibro physio course. At least I'll be relaxing more!!

Cheers gins, hope you had a restful night,

Julie xxx


I tak my magnesium at night with back garlic tabs and of course docs med,they do help, I do try to have a rest or nap in the afternoon, it helps...Dee x


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