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official diagnosis FIBROAMYGIA on being discharged from hospital for a different issue

On discharge from hospital last week, secondary to my diagnosis of anxiety and depression lo and behold - there was 'fibroyalgia'. This happened because of a home visit returning with a heavy bag, I collapsed on the floor. As soon as I was awake, I was breathelised and had a blood test although this was unrelated to my voluntary admission. I wasn't told what they had found but was too ill to care. It's clear they had found nothing and concluded that the only possible reason for my collapse was fibromyalgia as I had told them it was. I don't suppose this means much to many but fibromyalgia is usually considered as part of a mental health diagnosis, not a separate diagnosis in my own personal experience. I will forever be grateful to that psychiatrist - I copied it you see and now have hard evidence.

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Good morning whippet lover,I too was told by my new g.p recently that fibromyalgia is just what you are told when they can't find nothing else wrong and that my depression was causing my physical symptoms which is NOT true! Fibro is a separate condition that causes all sorts of physical problems and can also cause depression and anxiety.If you read up on fibro actions pages there is a wealth of info about this condition including treatments.You need to click onto the butterfly on the top right hand side of the page xx


I hate it when people say Fibromyalgia is all in our heads :-(




I find with mine if I have any other health issue and they cant find whats causing it, then im told its your fibromyalgia-Me- "no no its not I know its not its different pain" doc "we will send you to bowel clinic just for check up" other words to keep me happy so I think some thing is getting done, and I have BPD (borderline personality disorder) so probably worried I will go off in one lol. Bowel clinic trainee surgeon took a lot of information from me she then sent me for ct scan which shows I have narrowing of the small bowel!!. Now waiting for for appointment for the camera up my butt mmm not looking forward to that been there before!! Im wondering if they cant find the cause, will my fibromyalgia get blamed for this!! moral of the story always make sure you tell docs its different pain even though they don't think so and just put it down to fibro. love and healing light to all <3


My husband had to have this and also the one down the throat and into the tummy. He said he'd rather have the one below as the endoscopy down the throat was very sore and nasty. Anyway, it didn't take long as I had to wait in case they gave him anything to relax him (didn't need to) but if they do you can't drive for a few hours. I'm not a medic, and I expect the hospital will have told you about that. Good luck, hope all goes well for you. My husband had a very small polyp, which they removed at the same time, so he's fine now.


Ah that's good news for your hubby. yes I have had one before about 5yrs ago, and I did need the relaxing stuff which did not work as I was still sore when the did it, but she just carried on pushing the camera up! I got an apology two wks later by letter as seemily it was in my files that there is a prob for the camera to go nt looking forward to it..but better to be safe than sorry my dad passed with bowel cancer 13yrs ago it does not seem like 13yrs seem like just yesterday. thanks

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I was pleased with having fibro added there because I had collapased and they didn't call it something else.


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