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Not sure if I've got fybromyalgia

Pain arm legs feet hands sometimes chest. Had it for over 2 years. Bad cramps. Doctor says anxiety, not convinced. Can't get a diagnosis

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Hi Holly. Have you been seen by a rheumatologist? if not I would ask your GP to refer you to one, write down all your symptoms and give it to the rheumy, having said that I had seen I think it was 4 rheumys before one of them diagnosed me with fibro (he was a young rheumy, the others I had seen were older)

it can be difficult to get diagnosed and my GP don't know much about fibro, but he is so good with everything else I don't want to change him, he always sends me for test if anything new pops up, so I glad in a way he don't put it all down to fibro

sorry for rabbiting on ;)

good luck x


Thanks mazz I will speak to my GP again. I just seem to be going around in circles. Also forgot to say feeling tired all the time


Hello Holly,

Mazz has given sound advice go back to your doc and ask to be referd You need to see a Rhumatologist to get a diagnosis!

In the mean time if you feel tired all the time rest if you can tat doesnot mean give everything up far from it. Rest if it helps but keep your mind engaged on other things be busy when you get to tired rest does that make sense.

Good luck



I'm so fed up with doctors who don't understand Fibro, as Gins said you need to ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist but also your GP should do some blood tests to rule other things out e.g thyroid function, diabetes etc. Good luck! x


Thanks for the advice. I still work at the moment, I am a mental health nurse, but struggle. Don't want to give up my job because I enjoy it


Hi, I'm having the same problems with diagnosis, definately know how you feel.

I was tested for RA, and had low results, so rheumy said no. I have all the symptoms of fibro except the 'pressure points'. I've had 1 doctor tell me it's fibro, but the general opinion seems to be ' It's all in my head' !! So basically, I'm going mad :) have spent the last week telling myself that I haven't got pain in my arms, my legs are fine and everything is hunky dorey! It is so frustrating.

Good luck and keep going xx


I have all the symptoms but no pressure points. I do have health anxiety but I am sure there is some underlying physical problem. Doctors seem so disinterested. Saw a rheumatologist 2 years ago but they didn't find anything. Hope you get some results soon. Thanks for replying.


Hi Holly and Suz,

Please read the post that was put up recently called 'its all in your head'. I hope you can take comfort from that.

I was diagnosed as I have loads of the symptoms and family history of it. But I only had 9 trigger points at the time. The medical guidelines (from 1990!) state you need 11 or more out of the 18 points but many doctors believe this is figure of 11 is arbitrary. Which I would agree with!

Blood tests won't show fibro, but will rule out other things. I think you mentioned inflammation markers in the blood - again, with arthritis for example, these levels would be raised, but no so in the case of fibro.

When I was diagnosed my fibro was mild in my view. Now I term it moderate. If I went back to the rheumatologist I suspect I would have more trigger points than before...worth bearing in mind your level of health/pain when you get the diagnosis.

I hope this helps you both, not sure I've been clear enough!

Take care...sending you peaceful thoughts

Zosie xoxoxo


Correction - post is called 'not all in your mind'

Silly me and my fat fingers. Apologies for my typos this am as well!


Thanks will read it, you have been really helpful


thanks from me too and good luck holly x i might try and different doctor in the new year. forgot to mention that i too suffer from anxiety,and depression but i'm sure it's nt really all in my head :0


I am sure it's not all in your head. It's too easy to blame anxiety for everything


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