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IVF and cysts in left ovary!

Hi there,

Me and my partner we are trying for a baby around 2 years.

I'm 29 years and he 33. We are still young. We have done all the tests in a Guy's Hospital. They told us that I have a cysts in left ovary but from blood test they can see I'm ovulated so it's nothing to worry about. They suggested to have a unprotected sex for another 6 months and after that IVF. Now it's 4 months left. I'm not very sure about that cysts! Maybe there is someone who can tell me something about this? Maybe because of those cysts I can't get pregnant. I don't think it's a problem like " we don't have enough of sex" cause we have got very happy and with a high frequency. I'm thinking maybe I've got pcos! Unfortunately in a a hospital they are not very generous with informations. Please, if anyone have got the same problems and can give me some advise I'll be much appreciate .....

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hi maggie, I don't know much about it, is there a practice nurse at your surgery, a family planning clinic or a well-woman clinic nearby?

maybe they could advise you.




Hi Sandra,

I have found not far from me a well woman clinic but it's private, I don't think we're going have a money for it. Any way I'm looking for help everywhere .

Thank you for your advise,



Hi there Maggie Don't know much myself but I do know this survival is an amazing thing and although not easy they haven't ruled out the natural process for you id say that's good news. My daughter had polycystic ovary's and was told how unlikely that was for her to have children. This is what she was told and it made her so sad as she believed the one thing she would love would never happen. Well to our greatest surprise she thought that shed miscarried but we now have a lovely two year old addition to our family. Never give up hope and remember nature at that level is never easy to manipulate so chill a bitt and try to just let nature do the work I so hope for you and fingers crossed. x


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