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Hi everyone :)

This image is different to the norm that I usually put up for you as you will use your imagination in a different way :)

Think about how far away that island is.......... it looks beautiful and full of greens, the sky hanging overhead is casting amazing rays of colours over the top of it.

How would you get to that island? imagine you are floating aimlessly towards it.

You can hear the gentle laps of the beautiful calm blue sea against your raft and the heat of the sun encases you, filling each part of you with much needed warmth.

You are closer to the island

Feel that heat rise up through your body, slowly, from your feet up to your knees, hips/pelvis and spread upward into your chest and head. Then feel it migrate downward out through your shoulders, arms and then your hands.

You are closer to the island

Lie there and listen again to the water gently lapping the sides of the raft

When you are ready open your eyes............... you are at that island.

NOW for some fun :D when you get to the island there is a fibro family get together, everyone is allowed to bring one guest only and is asked to bring something to eat and drink that we could all share

AND now for the fun part............. This is a fancy dress get together, who would you come as?

:) xxxzebxxx :) lavender and y'lang-y'lang, fluffies to aid the relaxation :D

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Hi zeb,how have you been?Another lovely pic,love the way you explain floating on the raft,it's just like guided imagery.I might use that for a relaxation technique :) well,now let me see.......the first person who comes to mind is Marilyn Monroe as she was beautiful and glamorous! Just like me,hehe :D I would come dressed in that famous outfit where she is wearing that white dress that blows up in the film the seven year itch I think.What outfit would you wear? :)


I think.........Audrey Hepburn as she was British actor and well known for her humanitarian work for UNICEF (hope I'm allowed to mention that) and was recognised as both a film and fashion icon.

I'm definitely no fashion icon LOLOLOL :D

I took part in a 15 mile sponsored walk for UNICEF once, it was hard, challenging and hot but so rewarding.

I couldn't walk for a week afterwards though :O

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Was that when you had fibro? :O


Quite likely :o no-one knows how long I've had it :o

sorry! forgot to say I was 18 then and having mild pain and dislocations, depression and anxiety because no-one believed me. I used have to skip games lessens too at school and I was a competitive athlete who went training most days back then :o I was found to have mild scoliosis of the spine aged 13ish can't quite remember ;)

I was also having temperature and chemical sensitivities as a child too.


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