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advice please

just had mini stoke on top of everything else ex was supportive and came further up the road to pick up my son we normally meet half way (this was decided as he said it was unfair he should do all the travelling and he wouldn't be able to see son regularly) even though he left 2wks before my 10yr was born anyway I am not allowed to drive and I need someone with me at the minute so I had asked that he drop my son off abit closer so I could get someone else to pick him up. He is always manipulating me and making me feel like a bad person when all I have ever done is try and keep their relationship going. Anyway am I being an idiot do I have to meet him half way or can I now say im sorry im too ill if you want to see your son then your more than welcome to come here?????

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If you can't drive, don't even try. He can't just leave your son so his

only choice is to drive him back to you. I think that anyone can see that.

It's not unreasonable to ask that of him at all..or else he doesn't have to

take his son at all. ?? I hope that you have a full recovery from your stroke.

How scary..Did you realize what was happening when you had it ?


I knew something was wrkng but didnt think it sould be tnat


Yes I so agree! I have to always drive to drop my kids off to their dads and pick them up as my ex had a driving ban.It is an hour drive which I have got to do today but iam ill.I wish that I didn't have to do it all the time as it's hard when your ill.In your case,you definately can't drive and he should understand that,if he really wants to see his son then he should arrange something himself.I do hope you get better soon,how has it affected you? Xx


Its left me scared and with a stick due to to fibro and legs just not getting back to normal but it will come back soon


Hi. Tell your ex you are not allowed to drive, if he want to see his son then he will have to come to yours to pick him up and drop off. it's not your responsibility to get your son there and back, it's his. was it him or you that moved? if it was him then its his job to collect and return him, if it was you that moved then things have changed for you, health wise and you can no longer drive so tough luck for him.

This sort of thing makes me so mad!!! My ex have only seen his daughter 4 times in 16 years, ( as I left him 2 weeks after she was born when I found out he was having an affair with his brothers wife) two of them was when I took her to see her grandma after getting in touch after 10 years (not her or my fault) then he came 2 times because he was bringing his wife and step children to London and popped in to see her and he expects her to call him Dad and got upset when she wont when he has barely been in her life. His mother has now moved to within 2 hours of us which is much better as we can visit with out having to see him. sorry for the rant it just annoys.

I hope you get better very soon from your stroke and you must put yourself first I'm sure that's what your son would want too.

Gentle hugs

Mazz xx


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