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Sent Atos form back

Hi everyone, haven't posted here before, hope your all been good to yourselves ....I sent off the form that atos sent for a "medical" I posted it on Friday last, by recorded delivery, I have checked the track and trace and it says it's is "being progressed through our network for delivery" now I'm worried as it was meant to be there by last Tuesday. Any advice on what I should do?

Many thanks



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Did you by any chance give an explanation as to why the form will be late back as this is what I did.You could try ringing them to give an explanation over the phone x


Hi Hairbo36 .... thanks for ur reply

Well I posted it in plenty of time, it just looks like it's stuck somewhere in royal mail! but yes good idea I will call them tomorrow and explain I posted it on Friday but its still with royal mail x


I sent mine guaranteed next day delivery as was told my local atos office wouldn't accept recorded delivery mail , maybe it's just my area ?? Hope u get it sorted, I wasn't late in sending mine back but it took me so long to do it I only had a few days to spare, I'm still waiting to hear back, super !!!!!


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