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I have been recieving dla since 2004 and without this payment my life would be much more difficult.I have arthritis in both knees making walking very difficult, I have many days when I am bedridden and housebound,I have other days when I need to use crutches.2 years ago I developed a heart problem and had 2 stents placed in a artery,I then developed PMR followed by diabetes type 2. I dont have a day free without pain.I currently take 17 tablets per day and when I was originally assessed for DLA I did not have as many Illnesses as I do now yet I am extremely worried about what I read about people having their DLA stopped. I use my DLA wisely and to the benifit of my health,but I am worried and the stress is making me feel depressed. I have a car which is my only mode of transport,without DLA I would not be able to travel,go shopping as I cannot walk far or carry anything heavy and I have read that ATOS not really taking all peoples Illness's seriously. Thank you.

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It is stressful, but as you are so ill you will almost certainly retain your DLA.

If not, you must appeal as soon as possible. Most people seem to be successful on appeal, so don't worry too much! maybe you could ask CAB to help you with your ongoing claim?

Best of luck

Moffy x


Thank you for your reply Moffy and yes I think it is best if I ask for help.it just seems that if you walk even a little in front of the appeal panel one can be judged as being fairly agile and I dont think the panel pay enough attention to what daily life can be like. Kindest regards. Erinshauna


Hi Erin, I agree with you but ladymoth the CAB are going to be inundated with us and now there is no more legal aid, I think its horrible that we citizens who are genuinely ill with lots of health issues have to be scared but DLA is a life saver to many people, it certainly is to me. It is a soul saver and good for the mind, it helps one to feel good when one is feeling bad, take that away and what is left, nothing, people will say you don't look ill but why do we look well ? can anyone answer this for me. At the moment I feel terrible, I feel lots of pain all over my body, I cant get to sleep yet I am totally fatigued but I look in the mirror and I look great. I think our government have got it wrong but who can we turn to, there is no one, why should we have to appeal when some nursing assistant with a "Disability Adviser Badge" has looked at our paperwork and decided we are fit to work, there is only one answer, MONEY, they get paid a lot of money when they hit their target, they don't pay it back if we win our tribunal, they just put us under a terrific amount of STRESS and like you said Erin if we manage to hobble in front of the appeal judges they just dismiss us and whats that all about 3 panellists on more money than sense, its all a scam. rant over gonna climb into bed and try n get some sleep, hope to talk more soon. lots n lots of them hugs.................................



I was speaking to a friend about DLA yesterday, and she told me that most people will get refused, but you have to appeal against it. And push for it and you will get there in the end. Try not to get yourself stressed, as we all know it makes us even worse. (((Gental hugs))

Keep you chin up, you will get there in the end. :))

I do now understand why they are changing DLA to PIP it as to many people are saying they have a disability just to get extra money.

Susan x


Its not right is it that we have to fight for our benefits. Why should such vulnerable poorly people be treated this way? Ive never understood it. You wouldnt treat a child or animal this way it would be unlawful. I wish there was something we could do, but we are always painted in such a bad way. They dont seem to care about the stress that is caused by their harrassment and all we want is to be left alone. Coping with illness is enough. I feel like I should have a neon sign on my head saying that I have invisible disabilities and not to judge or be prejudice because I havent a missing limb!


Hi there, I am new to this, I am amazed how many people feel the same as me. I too are worried about ATOS, as you say if they look at me I look good for one who is 64 in June. But if they saw me try and walk round Asda and the pain that makes me lie down when I get home. Or the problems I have trying to cook, lifting pans or kettles, getting things out of the cupboard without dropping them. The pain brought on with the stress of looking after my husband who has a very bad heart condition and growths on his liver, that cannot be dealt with until they sort out his heart. They will not see that and from what I have heard they will not care. DLA gives me a quality of life I would hate to loose, All we can do it hope and pray it will come out alright for those who are really in need.


The thing that really concerns me with PIP is having to appeal. If I don't receive it on my first application, then my Motorbility car has to be returned. I then submit an appeal which can take 8 weeks, maybe longer, all this time being without a car and therefore unable to leave my home. If, the appeal is successful, I then need to re-order a car, which can take anything up to 12 weeks. It's a ridiculous system, especially when they assessed me for DLA in Sept 2012 I was awarded it indefinitely! How people are expected to be without their car for so long is beyond me.

Hoping that I won't be asked to apply for PIP until at least October 2015 as I have enough to worry about without that as well.

Good luck to everybody


It seems the PIP has been set up to save money to be benefit us.

I feel I don't have the strength to go through it and have said to family and friends if it was taken away I just would not be able to appeal and put myself through hell, but everyone says no you appeal don't let them win, its hard.

I know if I did not take my painkillers, tramadol, I would not be able to get out of bed most days. I like many I am sure have tried to stop or cut down but when I stopped them once after a few days it was like being hit by a wall of pain, and could not get out of bed, I was actually screaming in pain, I quickly went back on them. If I cut by 50mg, I take 400mg a day, I will not notice much difference in pain levels day 1, but by the third day the pain builds up enough I have to start the full dosage again.

I am stressing now and I know the Fybro is getting worst, I seriously do not think I can go through these reviews. xx


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