Another little funny for you :D

Another little funny for you :D

I thought this sketch seemed fitting what with our trip to the zoo and pip going on her holiday to photograph wildlife.

I don't know much about wombats to be honest............I certainly didn't know that they ate caramel!!! :o

.........and then I thought about the magic roundabout which goes around and comes around and not to mention Dougal scurrying this way and that way and round and round and this way no that way..........LOL

hehehe! humming the tune yet anyone?..............ooooooh! memories

and thought.........Karma :D


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  • I'm humming Zeb! Im humming! :D Having just got the Badger song out of my head Ive now got Magic Roundabout! :-o :D I do love Magic roundabout though! Though I must say, Emantrude was always my most favorite favorite! ;) :D Hehehehehe! Booooooooiiiiiing! :D :D :D

  • I was thinking of you heheheh!

    hahahah you do make me chuckle :D

    I always thought the relationship between dougal and Florence was a bit odd!


  • Hehehe, love it zeb, I too have the Magic roundabout song going through my head when I see your avatar,,,,,,hehehehe! I used to love Dillon.......far out was only years later I realised he was infact stoned out of his head.......hehehe.

    my Mr Benjamin looks just like Dougal in the winter, he even has the parting down his back with the locks flowing down to the floor , he doesn't move as fast these days, but used to move like a rocket if he saw bunnies. I felt for Brian....... Hehehe

    I love our whacky humour, it's so rejuvenating !! Keep on keeping you dear peeps :-) :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • yeah my Russian winter white hamster, Bennie is long haired and when he moves about the tank he even has the dougal wiggle :D as well as the parting


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