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Spoon Therory

Hi it's been a long time since my last post although I do read the posts every day. I have just come accross a post that mentions the spoon therory, I have never heard about this. He said it helped him explain to people, if possible can someone tell me what this is as my 17 year old daughter has just been diagnosed as well and it might help her as well as myself to explain to others how we are.

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Hi Hog you and your daughter should look it up on line it is a good way to explain to your friends.

Basically at the beginning of each dy you have a pile of spoons these are your energy for the day.

So you need to learn how to divide them up so you always have a couple left over in reserve for that person dropping by, that phone call and there is a party to go to.

So by learning how to distribute them you learn just how may you use up through the day.

I start with 21 and 7 in the morning cause I do more things . Each one is one task

sometimes I borrow one from later .

7in the afternoon I usually have a snooze so I save them..

the rest for te.a time to bed time.

Every thing I do is a challenge so I use mine quite quickly especially if I go out that uses more. I save two for a shower that is very wearying

You get the idea

Do look it up bit foggy today cannot remember the site but type spoon theory in the search engine box and lots will appear

Hope this helps xgins


Thank you I will get straight on the net and look


Hi hog .. you will find the Spoon Theory on Hope this helps you and your daughter. Xx


Many thanks


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