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Hi not been on here for a while UPDATE ON PROGRESS OR not!!

I DON'T REALLY KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN AS MOST OF YOU KNOW I STARTED OUT WITH A HEAVY RIGHT LEG 18 MONTHS AGO : I THEN FELT MY OTHER LEG GETTING BAD AND HAD REALLY BAD MUSCLE SPASMS . ( Just looked up and saw the cap lock was on x sorry but cannot retype as only got one arm working now :-( ) all over my body at random times....well now I can't walk and my right arm is gradually giving up. :-( I have to see a neurologist but there is a 12 week waiting list !

My OH has to go into combat stress for treatment at the end of the month and the council have offered me 3 one hourly visits.............. I cannot get up on my own and they cant lift me ! I cant walk to the toilet or clean myself........................cannot get a drink etc but they say that's all they can offer.

My OH back is getting worse because of me needing to be lifted.....So now the Dr has said I need to go into a home as Mac cannot do this or he will be ill. The council said they will help,pay for home aprox £1500 for the 2 weeks,but if I stay at home only pay £400 for the whole 2 weeks for me to pay care!

I am sorry to go on but I don't know what to do. Also my little yorkie is a rescue and he would have to be housed out , He panics when Mac goes away and if I go too and he gets fostered he will think we have left him,and it has taken two years to get his trust,and he is amazing now!

I have never in my life felt so low, and all because they take too long to put things in place.......we have waited 4 weeks just for a rail so I can get out of the house. Now they are asking why I can't have my bed in the lounge. I have paid for a chair stairlift and new bathroom and took out a massive loan all so I can have a shower. They would have done it in 18 months time!

I could groan on and on but think I am all winged out . Sorry its long winded.

Hope everyone is having a not too bad day Love and Gentle Hugs to you all x x

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Rainbow :-) ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Carer came today and I had a shower and hair wash Woop_Woop!! ;-)


Hi Rainbow, sorry to here things are worse for you :(


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