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DPW Guide re Mechanical Back Pain states 'MBP is, however a common cause of Fibromyalgia'. Wrong!!! How can I challenge this statement?

Document at accessed 20/09/13 and is blatantly wrong. Mechanical Back Pain is not a cause, let alone a common cause of Fibromyalgia. No wonder I'm having to appeal my DLA decision when they make statements like this in DPW documents. Is there any way to challenge this? Any help or info welcome.

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Sorry, I don't have any advice but I am seething! That statement is beyond belief. Any excuse not to give us benefits. I have had a bad back for many years, caused by an ice skating fall when I was young. As my fibro didn't start until I was in my forties I can't see how they could link the two. Right, need to go and do some deep breathing to calm down! Hugs xxxx


Just goes to show how much they really know eh! I've never suffered serious back pain, I do get pain but it's secondary to most of my other pain, such as my shoulders, wrists and ribs, just as starters! It is possible that some people do develop fibro after starting with MBP though, as opposed to being common. You could try contacting them and giving your thoughts regarding the statement. They do have a seperate part for fibromyalgia which leads directly to the NHS website.



i have back pain,hips,etc bloody stupid idiots. gentle hugs.xx


Do not want to come over as the devils advocate but if you look at at it from a different angle

"MBP is, however a common cause of Fibromyalgia." It does not say it is the cause! It states that over time this condition can cause leg Hip and flexibility issues.

They do state.

"In a small proportion of cases MBP can cause disability. The main distinguishing feature in such cases is a marked and ongoing problem with pain. This has 2 main aspects:

Difficulty in coping with pain.

Problems with pain management."

What you have to make sure of is,whenever you are looked at all of your conditions are taken into consideration and the overall effect to your ability to do something.

I have Heart, Lung and arthritis problems but because I could lift my arms up I was classed "fit for work" I did win My ESA appeal in less than 10 minutes with only a few questions from the doctor and judge.

Be well


Go onto" DWP mechanical back pain" site.It states that MBP is a

RISK FACTOR of Fibromyalgia.Not the other way round.


Just it .what it actually says, is that reccuring back pain is a risk factor in previous pain syndroms .e.g fybromyalgia


Many thanks to everyone for your heartfelt comments. Having never suffered a back trauma until after the Fibro started I couldn't understand the DWP comments, but as mentioned, it does seem other triggers can also cause Fibro to manifest.

My Fibro started after the trauma of a still birth plus subsequent health problems and has worsened each time I have a virus, an operation, two rear shunt car accidents, after falling and breaking Tib and Fib, then 12 months later falling again and breaking shoulder blade. The Fibro started first (diagnosed in 1995) and my back pain really started in earnest in 2003 after a car accident. Eight years after diagnosis, eleven after stymptoms started.

I realise its different for everyone. In the past 18 months I have had a marriage break up, a second operation on the ankle I broke and then flu and noro virus within weeks of each other. I am severely depressed - have been on and off for years and certainly pre-Fibro. My DLA claim is a dual one, mental health and physical due to spinal canal stenosis with pinched nerves and the much worse Fibro symptoms. Good news is I have lost 1st 10lbs without trying because of all the worry!

I am waiting for the council benefits advisory team to give me an appointment and have done everything myself so far by subscribing to the Benefits and Work site. I am struggling with what to put in the submission so gave in and contacted the local council (Kirklees). My tribunal hearing will provisionally be in January or February. Living on fresh air until then so hopefully will lose a bit more weight - as the Atos Dr did say he thought that my weight caused some of the problems. Immobility did cause me to put on a few stones, but losing weight hasn't impacted the chronic pain at all. My symptoms have not abated at all since the virus last October. My DLA was acknowledged received 6th March and my application turned down 26th June the week after the Atos medical. Dealing with all this has had an impact and my depression and anxiety is much worse. Thank goodness I have understanding and sympathetic Dr, Psychiatrist and Community Psychiatric Nurse. I haven't seen a Fibro specialist yet - will that be a problem? My depression was/is more critical for me this past year, but during that time my Fibro and escalated to the stage when I can't cope with the physical aspects of work as well as the cognitive and interpersonal aspects.

Sorry to rattle on - no one else understands what its like. Thank you everyone again. I will keep you posted. xxx


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