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Going to doctors tomorrow need advice

Hi I had a bad flare up lasting 3 weeks it was really bad, NO sleep 3 hrs of broken sleep so broken up and wondering around. I'm still working as I can't afford not to. So getting up in the morning and having to get dressed nd think! Was getting too much I was crying telling my partner I couldn't cope anymore and didn't know what to do. I felt physically sick at the thought of a days work. I was having a racing heart, palpitations, feeing faint. Feeling very stressed which probably didn't help the heart issue. I'm so tired and still can't find ny sleep by the time the weekend comes I'm zonked I feel like a walking zombie. I look dreadful in fact a good undertaker would probably embalm ( ? ) me. I ask for your advice on what help to ask from my GP should I ask for sleeping pill, I have had them before but not from this GP. Is there anything else anyone can think of to help with energy??????? Please. My flare up was two weeks ago, I have been having feelings that I'm on the verge of another flare up muscles REALLY heavy losing breath , my heart is starting to race even when at rest this usually happens and them wham! I don't think I have enough strength for another bad flare up. Can anyone suggest anything thanks.

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Hi Riles, I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time at the moment, it sounds as if you are completely exhausted. If I were you I would ask your GP tomorrow for some help with sleeping pills, even just to get you back on track with some sleep. When we are sleep deprived everything seems so much harder to handle and everything spirals out of control . There is no stigma attached to sleeping pills so don't worry about that, your GP knowing that you have been diagnosed with Fibro will know how it impacts on our sleep patterns.

I am hoping is may be of a little use, but I have no doubt others will try and help you :-)

Sending positive healing thoughts your way :-)

Foggy x


Thanks fibrofoggiest I think I needed reassurance that I should ask. I am exhausted but as you are aware we all just battle on. I've hit the wall I think, I think I'm Stressing myself out aswell because I'm just waiting for the wham! Of when another flare hits me, I'd've just taken my pulse I'm now lying in bed and it's at 105 bpm that is higher than should be but I Knowit is the start of a flare, as my Herat is normal when not having one. highest has been 120- 125. I don't have the energy to get through another. Thanks again foggy X


Hi there - please see your g.p. Your ❤️ Should not be racing whilst you're resting :-(

Take care :-)


Hi there,I hope you have seen your g.p as bearers says as it sounds as if all the stress you are feeling is making your heart race.I hope your g.p has prescribed something to help you sleep as iam sure that if you could get a better cycle of sleep this would help with the stress and feeling like you cannot cope.I remember that all to well prior to being prescribed meds to help me sleep and when I had my second child I felt like a zombie and couldn't cope at all with fibro and broken notes sleep.Since I've been taking dosulepin I mostly sleep well but still have severe pain though.With regards to the lack of energy,I find that taking berrocca vitamins daily does help a little,however sometimes on my worst days it doesn't help much x


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